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WSU HOOPS is a blog dedicated to covering all things WSU basketball (although we’ll throw in some national stuff as well). This won’t be your typical fan site, flush with rip jobs; rather, we aim to bring — and encourage — the kind of smart, thoughtful analysis about Cougar basketball you won’t find anywhere else.

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Jeff Nusser — Nuss is a freelance journalist who has lived his entire life in the state of Washington following its respective sports teams, but his most passionate love is the Washington State University Cougars, given the bachelor of arts degree he earned there in 1999. He worked for The Daily Evergreen for two and half years and was editor in chief in fall of 1997 — which just so happened to coincide with the Cougars’ first Pac-10 football championship and Rose Bowl appearance in 67 years.

That means he also was there the last time WSU basketball was any good, watching Mark Hendrickson, Donminic Ellison, Shammond Antrum, Isaac Fontaine and Tavaras Mack advance to the NIT. He’s been following the team ever since, even against all odds as bad coaches and inadequate players ran the program into the ground.

He previously has worked for The (Tacoma) News Tribune and CBS, and his freelance sports work has appeared in many places, including Lindy’s sports annuals and Horizon Air Magazine. He has been a high school journalism and English teacher for the past four years in the Puyallup, Wash., area and is now in a similar role in Wenatchee, Wash.

He now spends the bulk of his time hanging out with his beautiful wife and raising the next great Cougar basketball player, Joshua.

Jo~Jo Roberts — Jo~Jo spent seven years in Pullman pursuing his degree in Sport Management, five of them while working in the athletic department. During that time he traveled across the country with the women’s soccer team as team manager and coaching assistant. This perspective from within the underbelly of Cougar athletics not only fueled his passion as a Coug, but gave him a clear understanding of how NCAA Division I Athletics operates.

Jo~Jo started his college career as a communications major. As a Journalist, he spent one year as a sports writer, under WSU HOOPS author Jeff Nusser, at the Daily Evergreen. Prior to that, he worked as the Managing News/Sports Editor of Mountlake Terrace High School’s award winning student news paper, The Hawkeye, where he was recognized nationally as well as internationally for his work.

Basketball has always been one of Jo~Jo’s greatest passions. He has worked as a play-by-play basketball announcer at the high school level, a high-school beat writer, and served as the Sports Information Director and Coaching Assistant on the 2004 Athletes in Action men’s fall basketball tour that culminated with the experience of working the sideline with a clip board against then-top 10 University of Alabama.

Jo~Jo currently resides in Boise, Idaho (not his top choice), working in the fitness industry in youth athletic development. He spends most of his time in the weight room, training clients as well as himself. He plays corner back for the semi-pro Boise Speed of the Rocky Mountain Football league. He also serves as the best 2nd grade girls basketball coach in the Treasure Valley where he is attempting to mold the next (or first) great Cougar point guard — his stepdaughter, Faith. His wife, Kathi, played college basketball local in Nampa Idaho for Northwest Nazarene University.


13 Responses to “About WSU HOOPS”

  1. james said

    I can respect your resume.

  2. Nuss said


  3. Joe said

    Hey Jeff:

    I graduated in ’98. I remember you as the editor for the Evergreen. Good to see you are still at it. Go Cougs!!!!

  4. Nuss said

    Thanks — I wish I could say I remember you, but the whole newspaper thing was kind of a one-way street, you know? But that’s the beauty of the blog, at least for those that choose to interact. Welcome aboard!

  5. Chuck Allen said

    Hey, don’t know if you remember me, I was a photog at the Evergreen when you were the editor. Anyway, I’m in your neck of the woods now as the publisher of the Quincy Valley Post-Register, which is owned by the Wenatchee World. Anyway, love the website, and I love the work that you’re doing with the WHS school paper. Saw a couple of copies of it at the World and was very impressed.

    Great to catch up with you again. Drop me a line some time. Maybe we can get together or something.

  6. Nuss said

    Chuck! I totally remember you — glad to hear things are going well for you. Let me know next time you’re going to be down and we’ll get coffee or something.

    This Internet thing is pretty cool.

  7. Chuck Allen said

    We’ll do. I’ve got this site as a favorite now, so I’ll keep in touch and we’ll have to meet up sometime.

    Great game tonight, huh?

  8. Kimball Crew said

    Jo Jo what up dude…..hows the brand?

  9. Steve said

    Hey, I think its great what you’re doing here! Good on ya! I just found your site today via a remark made my Jim Moore in the Sea-PI. I look forward to more happy returns.

    I’m heading over to Pullman (from Seattle) for the Coug/Dawg game meeting friends and family for a six seat spread. Game outlook: clamp on Appleby in the perimeter after he crosses midline and contain Brockman to his normal 20pt/10reb performance–AND keep the others in check–then we’re golden. I just don’t want to see any X-factor player go off, like Morris or Poindexter or Dentman, which is a possibility.

    My concern about holding the 3rd seed in the Pac10 tourney is to avoid playing any LA teams until the finals. Even though ORE got hot last year, I still think its a nice advantage to sleep in your own bed before a game.

    It looks like we’re gonna get ORE or AZ in the first round. I’m fine playing AZ a third time. I don’t see Budinger or Bayless going off a 3rd straight time. Both played off the charts in both games (Bayless’ 1st half notwithstanding.) I don’t see them doing so again. Plus, its dang tough to beat a team three straight.

    I went to the P10 tourney last year and am again going down, taking my 13 year old nephew in tow. Will you be down? If you want me to send any inside or firsthand scoop (I’ll be staying at the team hotel), I’m happy to oblige.

    Glad I found your site. Let’s have a great night in Pullman tomorrow and send out the seniors in a fitting way.


    ps don’t post this, unless you edit down considerably. Sorry for being long-winded here.

  10. Nuss said

    Well, since I don’t moderate comments, you’re already live! But thanks for coming by, and we’re glad you’re here. Little did we know that our own turnovers, missed free throws and shoddy rebounding would be the problem. It’s great to pull out a win, though.

  11. Victor said

    I am hoping to catch the Cougs in Charlotte this week. Where is the official location of fellow Cougs for hanging out? Hotel designation as HQC? Pregame party location?

  12. Broberg said

    I was just checking out the site for the first time. I love being able to get informed articles about WSU hoops that aren’t stubbornly written by some Seattle UW lover. Living in Seattle, you can hear the attitude in some of the articles about WSU and its pretty lame. By the way, it looks like your “Roster” page needs updating!

  13. Nuss said

    Yes, it does. I’ll be working on little stuff like that throughout the offseason. Thanks for stopping by!

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