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Tentative schedule released

Posted by Jeff Nusser on July 16, 2008

WSU has yet to officially release the 2008-09 schedule, but you can find a tentative version via the Pac-10; Vince Grippi says that open spot on Dec. 20 is going to be Idaho, subject to administrative approval. Stadium Way has a nice first take on it here; I’ll have my thoughts on it when the official schedule is released next week.


3 Responses to “Tentative schedule released”

  1. Longball said

    I read the article on Cougfan about how “tough” our non-conference schedule was going to be this year. Apparently because we are hosting Sac State and Miss Valley State in the Legends tournament? I dont get it. We have Baylor and the Zags again, but both at home this time, and the Seattle game is Montana State. Since Neko Harris graduated about 15 years ago they shouldnt be too tough. Baiscally unless we get someone tough in the New Jersey round of the Legends tournament i think our schedule looks easier than last year. Am I missing something? Help me Nuss.

  2. Michelle said


    I’m sure nuss can add more here except I know that Sac State and Miss valley state are not part of the legends tournament. Basically there are four host teams: Texas tech, Pitt, Michigan State and WSU. Assuming the games in pullman are cake (which I’m going to guess they are, last year prairie view A & M played Texas…) then we will potentially playing 2 very good teams in NJ. Pitt is preseason # 3, Mich State preseason # 12, Gonzaga preseason # 13 Plus I have heard Balyor has top 25 potential. I know we have some easy ones mixed in but compared to last year, I think we are moving up in terms of strength of schedule. Maybe not the most difficult, but for WSU, I think it’s a big change from the level of talent we have played in the past.

  3. Nuss said

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. This is a schedule that should provide some cupcakes for the young guys, but challenge them enough that they’ll get a taste of tough ball before the Pac-10 season rolls around.

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