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All quiet on the Cougar front

Posted by Jeff Nusser on June 5, 2008

Things have been pretty slow around here at WSU HOOPS. I’ve contemplated writing a few things — including about Tony’s proclamation about how much he loves Pullman — but honestly, this is the busiest time of year for a teacher, and the few pieces of news have been well covered elsewhere.

I’ve thought about finally writing a 2007-08 season postmortem, but I think the time has passed for that. I’ve thought about writing look-aheads to next season, but it seems a little silly until we know for sure who’s in and out of the draft.

So I wait.

If you have any burning questions, I could do another mailbag. But honestly, unless I just start writing about how awesome the Stanley Cup Finals were, I pretty much got nothing at the moment. Give me a couple of weeks, and we’ll ramp it up a bit again.

You know, last time I wrote one of these, Thomas Abercrombie transferred …


7 Responses to “All quiet on the Cougar front”

  1. Alan said

    I dont know about anyone else but i would be interested in a little hype for the cougs in the NBA draft. Who they might get drafted to (which round), who they’d play with/against, and historic players that get picked up in later rounds… etc.
    Just an idea. 😀

  2. Alan said

    I guess you already did something like that.. oh well. I’m new.

  3. Grady said

    Looks like Lodwick is going to transfer.


  4. Phil said

    We should have someone confirming that Casto graduates Sunday from Ferris with the required GPA that will allow him to play next year. Looks like he accomplished everything else; his name is on the graduation list.

  5. BillG said

    Important summer for WSU in recruiting.

    Scout has PG Xavier Thames down to Iowa State and WSU. That’s the point guard WSU needs to go along with Harthun.

    There was a story that 6-6 Solomon Hill is getting interest from WSU. He sounds very similar to Kyle Weaver. Good athlete, unselfish, good passer and handles. Can play the point.

    Then the bigs including 6-11 Stover and Williams.

    The longshot is Bellermine Prep’s Avery Bradley. He’s a shooting guard but a great fit for WSU. Tough, athletic, a scorer and shooter, and unselfish. Many are after him and his close friend Abdul Gaddy.

    WSU has a huge list of players going into the summer. It will be interesting to see who they are able to sign. Potentially the best two back-to-back classes ever at WSU.

  6. Phil said

    For the bigs, I like 6-10 Anthony Stover, 7-0 Trevor Williams and 6-8 Greg Smith. Stover and Williams could be real difference makers, with Williams being more of a plodder and a project. Trevor is also the youngest and would be my guess for being the most likely to sign. Greg Smith is listed at 6-8 and 230, which is Casto’s size, and is the most polished center of the three from what I have heard.

    Boeke and Enquist may have an impact on this search because one or both could develop to such an extent that they are better options next year than the raw recruits, or at least decent options. There are a couple of other local 2009 centers who could sneak into the picture–Bjornstad and Hutchinson–both of whom are being pursued by Oregon State. Bjornstad plays with a real edge and will make some noise in college. Don’t know if that would be WAC noise or PAC noise, though.

  7. BillG said

    I have heard Stover is really good on defense so I like him the most from that perspective. There is an Aussie big that is a possibility along with another state player in David Wink. No idea as well if he is Pac 10 or not.

    Big guys are always the toughest to project and they always get a ton of attention.

    If Casto is in then probably 1 big is probably enough. One point guard. Then best available?

    Thames, Stover, Hill, Brown. Pretty good class IMHO.

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