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Bennett gets his raise

Posted by Jeff Nusser on May 1, 2008

I guess I could just keep recycling that “another first for WSU basketball” headline in perpetuity.

The Seattle Times is reporting that the raise that was rumored from the moment Tony Bennett turned down Indiana has been finalized, and it’s a doozy.

How much of a doozy? How about $1 million per?

Count me among those Cougs who never thought we’d see a coach crack seven figures until pure inflation demanded it. But as AD Jim Sterk says in the story, Bennett is well worth it, and I’m glad the athletic department was able to pony up the cash the guy has earned.

A million bucks can buy a lot of super baskets at the Cougar Country Drive In, that’s for sure.


5 Responses to “Bennett gets his raise”

  1. TiltingRight said

    Two great things about this. One, it makes me feel better about keeping TB around. There’s something about the seven figure mark, I guess. And two, it makes WSU look serious about keeping Bennett. With all the rumors every year about Coach leaving, that may make some potential recruits wonder about playing for us. With a contract like this, it’s easier to see TB sticking around, whether you understand the draw of Pullman and WSU or not.

  2. Longball said

    Still a completely ineffective buyout clause. I do think we should protect our investment better than we are with this contract. Bennet has been amazing and so far nothing but loyal, but we are Washington State fans first, not Tony Bennet fans. I wonder if having such a small buyout is some way of us saying “we believe in your commitment to us, Tony”, but if thats the case it is monumentally naive.

  3. Grady said

    I like the comment by longball. I can’t figure out why Sterk wasn’t able to increase the buyout – or at least put a stop to the scale that allows it to decrease to 250K over the length of the contract. My opinion has always been to max out the buyout so that the program has the money to keep going with a great coach even if Bennett leaves.

    There has to be some reason, because Sterk and Floyd are smart guys who seem to be in tune with what we need to keep potential suitors away. I just can’t tell what the reason is.

  4. Ptowncoug said

    It’s tough with the buyout. If you increase it, you hurt TB’s ability to go else where, and I am positive TB’s attorneys pointed that out. I know Rich Rodriguez and his huge buyout, etc. but some school may pass him buy because of it.
    I think the best way to do things is lock up the top assistant. Those guys generally are happy to be getting raises while taking none of the heat as a head guy. Target the top assistant with a sizeable buyout and if TB leaves, you got your next HC!

  5. Longball said

    Like Ptown said above “If you increase it, you hurt TB’s ability to go else where, ”

    Exactly. This is the primary reason we should have a sizable buyout on his contract.

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