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Spring signing period starts tomorrow

Posted by Jeff Nusser on April 15, 2008

It’s been eerily quiet since the end of the season, and that should change tomorrow. Although, there’s a chance it might not.

The spring signing period begins tomorrow, meaning we might finally have an answer as to who’s going to use that scholarship vacated by Stephen Sauls. There’s no news around as to which way Paul McCoy is leaning, and there is no more news of substance related to DeAngelo Casto. As far as the recruiting services are concerned, there aren’t any other players on the Cougs’ radar, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

If a letter of intent comes into the basketball offices, then we’ll know something right away. But if it doesn’t, there’s a chance this could drag on for some time — especially if they’re truly waiting on Casto to qualify — as the open signing period lasts for a month. And until something happens, the coaching staff can’t really comment, unless they want to come out and say they’re giving that scholarship to a current player such as Enquist or Rochestie. But they haven’t done that yet, so it would seem rather obvious that they are trying to use that scholarship to strengthen the team.

So, tomorrow could be fun, but it could also be real boring. If something happens, we’ll have some thoughts for you.


4 Responses to “Spring signing period starts tomorrow”

  1. BillG said

    A couple of items of interest. Garrett Sim (PG out of Oregon) was released from his LOI with Cal to explore options. He wants to stay in the Northwest and has talked to Oregon and Oregon State. Maybe a longshot but he would solve the backup point guard for next year and starter beyond.

    Grippi did believe a LOI was coming in today. That would most likely mean McCoy and Sim are out because they are still looking around. I don’t believe Casto can sign a LOI because he doesn’t have a qualifying score or apparently a WSU offer.

  2. Grady said

    The fact that Grippi expected one today would certainly indicate someone other than Casto is on the radar. As much as I’d like to see the Cougs get a little bigger inside, Sim is a great prospect and would be worth the schollie if he gets the offer. All signs seem to point to McCoy landing elsewhere.

  3. Grady said

    It’s Casto after all – LOI signed today, now he just needs to make sure his academics are in order.

  4. BillG said

    There are rumors of the Internet variety that someone is going to leave. I saw someone had suggested it would end up being one of the foreign kids but no idea who. I guess that news is coming relatively soon.

    It doesn’t look like ’08 recruiting is necessarily over yet.

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