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Your Casto update

Posted by Jeff Nusser on April 10, 2008

You can find a link to the DeAngelo Casto “story” in today’s Spokesman-Review, which we referenced in yesterday’s post, here.

Casto is enthusiastic about coming to WSU, but his coach is much more measured in his comments. Honestly, the more I read about him and about the situation, the more I wouldn’t get my hopes up that he ever ends up in Pullman. Just a gut feeling.

Somebody commenting at SportsLink compared him to J.T. Diedrichs, the talented running back from Ballard who committed to WSU but never made it to school. Seems like an apt comparison, at least initially.


6 Responses to “Your Casto update”

  1. Ptowncoug said

    I thought I would give you at least one comment.
    I hate to push for a borderline academic kid, but let’s just say this: Baynes, Boehke, Enquist and frosh Watson. I need more Cowgill!
    Yikes. We may not need to be as big in the Pac-10 next year because of Love (maybe leaving) and Lopezes gone, but Kansas showed what depth at the inside can do for a team.
    Watson you ready for the big time because you are going to have to step up!

  2. coug1990 said

    With Sauls out, we do have an open scholarship. I wonder if it will go to Casto provided he makes it into school or if we just hold it for next season. Casto does have potential, especially on the defensive end. Here it is spring football and we are still talking Coug basketball. Gotta like it!!!

  3. Longball said

    I went to the spring football scrimmage today and it all but cured the Coug Hoops withdrawls i’ve been suffering. I still think we are crazy not to make tony B our D-coordinator for football.

  4. johnnycougar said

    Hey Nuss, were you ever gonna do a full write-up evaluation / review of this year? You alluded to it in that “memories” thread, and I am looking forward to it if it indeed is forthcoming!

  5. Nuss said

    You know, it’s been on my plate, but things have been super mega busy at work and at home. I hope to write it up next week — I’m taking a bunch of my journalism students to Anaheim this week for a big national student journalism convention, so I don’t think I’m really going to have time to finish it up by the weekend. I had hoped to have it done by last week, but life got in the way.

  6. johnnycougar said

    Yeah, that happens!

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