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One shining moment

Posted by Jeff Nusser on April 8, 2008

Well, now that we know Tony Bennett is sticking around for at least one more season (no surprise here), maybe we all can finally relax, kick back, and suspend our Cougar angst just long enough to exhale.

In the first of what will be a couple of looks back at this season — which I can now finally let go of since the champion was finally crowned last night — join me in watching One Shining Moment … again. I never get tired of it.

I count three four WSU appearances in the video. Enjoy.


One Response to “One shining moment”

  1. Dustin Wittig said

    I think i saw five WSU appearences. Butch, Rochestie getting faked, Rochestie sad, cheerleader, and i think 20 seconds in thats a close up of Kyle Weaver’s face. Always love one shining moment though.

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