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Bracket Challenge, Round 4 leaderboard

Posted by Jeff Nusser on April 2, 2008

Hey everybody! Sorry for not getting the updated standings up at the conclusion of the action on Sunday, but I’ve been vacationing for Spring Break, the reason things have been quiet on the site.

Our “vacation” basically just consists spending a couple of days at a hotel in Seattle with my wife, which might not seem like much of a vacation to most of you, but trust me, when you have a 13-month-old son and you haven’t had a true weekend alone since he was born … well, let’s just say this has been a welcome respite.

We’ll have some more stuff this weekend — I am positively jacked for this Final Four — and we’ll start looking forward soon. The beginning of the regular letter of intent period is right around the corner (April 16), and the word on the street (read: Internet) is that we could be adding two more to this recruiting class.

A couple of names being floated are Paul McCoy, a top 100 point guard out of Oregon, and DeAngelo Casto, a rangy big man. Both would fit apparent immediate needs for this team, especially Casto. But I don’t pretend to have any inside info — I’m just regurgitating what I see, so hang tight until those letters actually come in.


One Response to “Bracket Challenge, Round 4 leaderboard”

  1. drpezz said

    Gotta admit that if UCLA doesn’t win this thing, I’m selfishly rooting for Memphis to help my bracket! šŸ™‚

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