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Don’t believe everything you read

Posted by Jeff Nusser on March 29, 2008

We all expected this, right? I mean, you lead WSU to the Tournament two consecutive years including a Sweet Sixteen appearance, and everyone and their grandma is going to be after your coach.

If you believe everything you read, you believe that Tony Bennett is on the first plane to Bloomington this morning, and that the plane is filled with about $500 million. Or, you believe that Bennett is on the first plane to Berkeley, and that the plane is filled with about $1 billion. Or, if you truly believe that last story, you believe that he’s on the first plane to anywhere that’s not Pullman.

Or, you can listen to the guy who has covered the Cougs since last summer and believe him.

My thoughts on this haven’t changed at all — which I wrote about here and was written about here — and neither have those of anyone close to the program. So relax, and don’t panic. I still think Bennett is here for at least one more season, and probably longer.


2 Responses to “Don’t believe everything you read”

  1. Mike L. said

    I think the typical person loves to know what options are out there, so I don’t see anything wrong with Tony being non-committal and/or being open to offers. My prediction is he stays, but he uses this time period to leverage more money for his assistants and the program in general (Basketball Excellence Fund); get some national attention drawn to the program for future recruits, as well as national attention for potential coaches- if some leave after this year.

    One thing that does scare me is the contrasting, internal questions he could be faced with. The biggest question being- “Was this just a special group of seniors, or can I replicate this year in and year out?” If he feels that he can’t in Pullman, then he’ll probably jump ship. Especially since he may pull off one of the top national recruits next year, Renardo Sidney (#1 PF in the nation from Fairfax, CA). I would love to see that type of talent come to Pullman, but I don’t think it’s likely, especially when the schools he is up against are: Kentucky, Texas, UCLA, USC, etc. There has to be a little part of him that says, I could get that guy (and more guys like him), if I had the prestige of an “Indiana” or the location of a “Cal”.

    If he stays around, I think somebody like Klay Thompson could be a huge asset to help kill this question which may linger until a big-time recruiting class is landed in Pullman. The only thing WSU can do is to continue to develop the program (facilities, charter planes, shoe/jersey contracts, etc.) A renovated Beasley would be nice!

  2. ChristianK said

    I’m so glad to see that he can’t be bought. Not that he won’t leave eventually, but I can see how his faith and his five pillars would allow him to see past the glamour/money of Indiana.

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