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Memories are awesome

Posted by Jeff Nusser on March 28, 2008

I’m not quite ready to let go of this season and this group of seniors just yet. While I’m still working on my end-of-season thoughts, I thought I’d throw up a thread where you can post your favorite memories from not just the past two years, but the past four years for this group of seniors that changed everything.

My favorite memory? It was last year, at the UW game in Seattle. I had managed to score three tickets off the UW Web site Monday morning, and when I arrived at the game I found out that pretty much all those open tickets at the beginning of the week had been scooped up by Cougs. It was like having our very own student section up there — we partied like only Cougs can. We showed more spirit in that game than I’ve pretty much ever seen out of Husky fans. It had to feel a little bit like a home game for our boys.

The image that will be burned in my head? Ivory Clark dunking on Jon Brockman with Brockman’s face in, well, Ivory’s bathing suit area. That was so very sweet.

I had gone to the first UW game in Pullman, but that one was such an embarrassment without Spencer Hawes. To assert our dominance a second time with Hawes in the lineup … well, let’s just say that Husky arrogance was nowhere to be found.

So, what’s your favorite memory?


7 Responses to “Memories are awesome”

  1. johnnycougar said

    I was actually thinking about that this morning. I’m not sure I can list just one. Absolutely top of the top, however, is Harmeling’s dagger to clinch the Gonzaga game last year. Beasley Coliseum is packed, fifty seconds left, students are ready to go nuts, and suddenly Daven is wide open at the top of the arc. BOOM, everyone goes wild, game over, students rush the court… I suppose I’m a little biased since I was at that game in person, but the energy in that place and the dawning realization that “we ARE good” just made it special.
    It was also awesome to watch us beat #11 Arizona in Tucson in 04-05, that was the first indication for me that Bennett was starting to make an impact. Similarly, it was wonderful to watch us start the win streak against UW by pulling off upset after upset, but that’s more the sort of thing WSU usually does – never be great but always be dangerous, and get a few upsets occasionally. But last year when Harmeling made that shot, I knew we were finally an all-around good team.
    I also have to say a number of Ivory Clark dunks / blocks were great from last year, and watching Baynes go 10-10 against USC was amazing. Baynes’ breakaway dunk or our absurd 3pt barrage against UCLA are also highlights in a slighly more comical sense, and so many of the things Weaver does I could just watch over and over. I think what I will miss the most are D-Low’s ridiculous high arching 3s off the screen and the Rochestie to Cowgill alleyoop we love to run every game. Anyways I’ve rambled enough, and I am going to go try to catch the Cougs as they come into town at Beasley and thank them in person. Go Cougs!

  2. cougdave said

    I have a couple of plays that really stand out to me. Last year in the Oral Roberts first round tournament game, when we scored with like 3 seconds to go till half time and then Kyle Weaver stole the inbound pass and layed it up, that really turned the tide of the game. The second was Taylor’s three at the end of the Gonzaga game this year. Ran the clock down and hit a fall back three with like 20 seconds to go to clinch the win. Both great memories. Go Cougs…

  3. Ptowncoug said

    I second the AZ upset. My wife and some non-college bb friends went to the tri-cities for the day to do some shopping. I was listening to the game on the way down and my buddy riding with me asked, don’t the cougs always lose to AZ? I said yes, but things were going to change with Bennett ball. We shopped for a bit and went to lunch, I scrambled to get the bill and head out to the car to catch the end. Well game was over, but Bud was going nuts. Nothing better, with the sweep in LA just one notch below.
    I am still the UNC game. 15-14 with about 7 mins to play in the 1st half and then they simply separated from us and we couldn’t buy a bucket.

  4. CougBeliever said

    There were tons of great in-game memories. However, something I remember, sometime last year (not quite sure the exact date) – was seeing the Cougs on the front page of – unprecedented, and awesome to be noticed on the national level. Yet, the humility of our guys remained intact. Classiest group of players in the country, bar none. They were always saying how lucky and blessed they were to be playing, and giving praise to eachother (compare that to the NBA hotshots). Talk about a solid TEAM!!! Can’t wait for next year. Go Cougs!

  5. rcm_rx7 said

    I would agree with last years Gonzaga game, the place was absolutely packed, and I had three Zags sitting in front of me bashing the Cougars throughout the first half. Boy was I excited when Harmeling went off. Those Zags weren’t so bashful anymore, great memory for sure. Last years game against Arizona at home really stands out too.

    As for this year, it’s still hard to believe it’s over, that hasn’t really sunk in yet. I’ll remember Weaver shaking off Mayo in the 2nd half of the USC game, that was just ridiculous, not to mention Floyd’s that followed. Cowgill’s put back at the end of Regulation and overtime against UW. And I don’t think I will ever forget Chris Henry’s deep two at the end of lasts nights game, it’s was the only time I got excited in the last few minutes of that game. I’m sure more memories will come as I start to look back on the year, but I’m still not ready to look back on it!


  6. Mike L. said

    As dumb as it sounds, this has been my first day which I have been able to watch the post-game interviews, read the rumors of TB leaving, and even read WSU basketball related anything! If a joe-shmo like me cannot let the season go so easily, I can only imagine what a ‘Robbie Cowgill’ or ‘Chris Henry’ is feeling right now, knowing they will probably never play at that level of competition again. For Weaver and Low, I think they both know there is atleast another chapter, but I feel for Robbie.

    That being said, my greatest memory would have to be Senior Day this year. From a student who had to sit through the last year of Kevin Eastman, and the entire Paul Graham era, it was my first time witnessing a packed house at Beasley! To win in double OT over your arch-rival was the perfect scenario. The one memory in that game which sticks out is Kyle Weaver streaking towards the hoop with the clock running down on regulation. I sure wish he would have dropped that floater, but it all ended up alright!

  7. cfred said

    My favorite moment has got to be this year’s game against USC. That game was following three straight losses and we were desperite for a win in this one in order to avoid being swept in a four game home stand. I got in line the night before and I was able to get front row seats right behind Brent Musberger and the other greasy haired annoucer that was with him. (My friend and I got ourselves on TV numorous times that day, I was the one who made the ALWAYS BELIEVE COUGARS sign.) It was just an amazing blowout game where everything was going right for the Cougars. It was something special to be able to see Weaver get his 1000 pts and then just continue to go lights out from the floor, 8 for 8! Some of his shots looked like he was throwing up prayers and they still swished the nets.
    I’m pretty sure Baynes had a dunk or two in that game… it is an amazing moment to be there at the game everytime Weaver or Rochestie drives to the hoop only to dish it off to Baynes in the low post for a monster dunk! The crowd is guaranteed to go wild every time that happens. For many games this season I swear that dunking the ball with no defenders in his face was the only thing Baynes was good for offensively. However, against UNC Baynes was amazing! He was posting up, successfully catching the feeds (something that you definitely could not take for granted this year with Baynes), backing down on Hansbrough, and successfully executing hook shots and bank shots (throughout the season it seemed that Baynes could NEVER make a hook shot!) I think that the UNC game was Baynes’s best game of the season. His offense was something I have never really seen from him before and he held the best player in the nation to zero field goals in the first half. If Baynes plays every game like that next year… everybody else in the PAC-10 better watch out because the cougs could be coming back for another NCAA tourney appearance…

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