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Archive for March 28th, 2008

Memories are awesome

Posted by Jeff Nusser on March 28, 2008

I’m not quite ready to let go of this season and this group of seniors just yet. While I’m still working on my end-of-season thoughts, I thought I’d throw up a thread where you can post your favorite memories from not just the past two years, but the past four years for this group of seniors that changed everything.

My favorite memory? It was last year, at the UW game in Seattle. I had managed to score three tickets off the UW Web site Monday morning, and when I arrived at the game I found out that pretty much all those open tickets at the beginning of the week had been scooped up by Cougs. It was like having our very own student section up there — we partied like only Cougs can. We showed more spirit in that game than I’ve pretty much ever seen out of Husky fans. It had to feel a little bit like a home game for our boys.

The image that will be burned in my head? Ivory Clark dunking on Jon Brockman with Brockman’s face in, well, Ivory’s bathing suit area. That was so very sweet.

I had gone to the first UW game in Pullman, but that one was such an embarrassment without Spencer Hawes. To assert our dominance a second time with Hawes in the lineup … well, let’s just say that Husky arrogance was nowhere to be found.

So, what’s your favorite memory?


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