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Sorry for the silence – thoughts to come

Posted by Jeff Nusser on March 17, 2008

Just my luck that on the weekend that I generally have the most to say, I was completely unable to get to a computer.

A weekend that began with traveling over to the west side for a professional conference was interrupted by taking my son to the hospital late Saturday night (he’s sick, but OK), getting home at 2 a.m., driving around Sunday to find a place open to fix the flat tire on our car (thank you, Mr. Roofing Nail!), finding out that one of my son’s prescriptions would cost $266 (!), driving three hours back to Wenatchee then going back to Wal-Mart to buy my son the humidifier he needed, wrestling with my screaming son who doesn’t really prefer nebulizers, and finished with me curled up comatose on the couch thanks to something I ate earlier in the evening.

But, I’m back at work this morning and excited to write. After all, this is the most fun time of year to be doing what we do. I’ll have my thoughts on the Cougs and their draw later, as well as an exciting and fun opportunity for readers of the blog.

Just bear with me!


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