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GAME THREAD: Pac-10 Tournament, (3) WSU vs. (2) Stanford

Posted by Jeff Nusser on March 14, 2008

No. 21 Cougars (24-7 overall, 11-7 Pac-10) vs. No. 11 Cardinal (24-6, 13-5)

Staples Center (Los Angeles), 8:30 p.m. PDT

Since we just did this two weeks ago, I’m not going to go too crazy over analyzing this game.

WANTED: Anyone who can stop these two guys.

Brook Lopez has absolutely destroyed anyone who has tried to guard him one-on-one, and he’s made double teams look like child’s play, leading Stanford to a pair of wins in which they trailed at the half. Robin Lopez has been an absolute demon on the defensive end, teaming with his brother to dominate long stretches of each game with their shot blocking ability, as well.

Somehow, some way, we’ve got to limit their influence on this game. On defense, we’ve got to deny Brook Lopez the ball in comfortable positions around the basket, and if he does catch the ball, make him do it in areas where it’s harder to score and harder to pass out of the double team. On offense, we’ve got to figure out ways to draw both of them away from the basket so we can get some things moving towards it. We cannot settle for jump shot after jump shot if we expect to have any kind of success.

Above all, we have to bring it for 40 minutes. No 20-minute spurts.

I gotta be honest — I don’t have a great feeling about this game. I know it’s tough to beat a team three times, but there is a reason why we’ve already lost twice to them: The matchups just are not favorable. Hoping for foul trouble or a hot shooting game might just be our best bet.


39 Responses to “GAME THREAD: Pac-10 Tournament, (3) WSU vs. (2) Stanford”

  1. johnnycougar said

    Um, I’m definitely hoping for foul trouble. In all seriousness, I think that if our guards can penetrate like they did yesterday then we will have a good game. Of course, this means that Harmeling and the non-driving guards will have to make the open shots. It would be nice to see Robbie hit a few long jumpers early to draw the Lopez brothers out away from the hoop. Weaver I think has the size and agility to maneuver around the twins but Rochestie and Low could use that extra space for sure.

  2. Longball said

    So far Weaver is killing us.

  3. Longball said

    then he gets 2 steals in a row!

  4. Longball said

    Weaver is a total mess tonight. This is like the Weaver from the UW game. just awful so far.

  5. Jo-Jo said

    What up longball?

    Here is my initial observation; this is why I’m frustrated with the game of basketball in general – The mid range jumper is extinct. If the Mary-Kate and Ashley are going to alter every shot in the paint, then pull up and hit the 12 footer.

  6. Longball said

    HOwdy Jo Jo, i gotta be honest, i think we are going to get run outa the gym tonight. At least we can comiserate.

  7. Longball said

    We are only even within reach because of 3’s. And none of those 3’s have been within our offense.

  8. Jo-Jo said

    I don’t wanna hear that. Even if it’s true. The thing that frustrates me more than anything, is that I don’t understand why this Stanford team is so good. I just don’t get it.

  9. Jo-Jo said

    I guess they just out work people. I don’t understand why we can’t handle this team. I honestly believe, aside from the twins, the Cougs have more talent. But really, Baynes and Cowgill should be able to put up a fight with those two.

  10. Longball said

    I really think we had them beat twice this year and let them escape. They are a two man team for sure. Their gaurds just arent as good as billed. In fact i think Mitch Johnson is just downright garbage. but tonight we just dont look good. we look ready to just mail one in. I hope that we can just survive the half then Tony can light a fire under these guys for the final 20

  11. Longball said

    Well the 3 ball may just keep us in this until we can regroup at half.

  12. Longball said

    HA, is this what its like to root for the Ducks?

  13. Jo-Jo said

    We need to physically punish this team. Just make a decision to not be beat physically.

    YES, Harm just hit a three. Praise the Lord.

  14. Jo-Jo said

    Hey Nuss, does any other team in the country get their shots blocked as much as the Cougs. Nice take Taylor, you just got rejected by a midget.

  15. Longball said

    ITs not even the twins that bare getting all their blocks. Please, someone, make it stop.

  16. Jo-Jo said

    The Cougs are just so timid.

  17. Jo-Jo said

    Why not go right back to Harm? You know he’s a streaky shooter, he hit his first three, go back to the pick and pop. They haven’t even tried. It’s all Iso Weaver.

    Not Good.

  18. Longball said

    Merry X-mas Lopez, that was a mugging on Baynes. Jump ball?????

  19. Longball said

    I hate “iso Weaver”, it results in a score about 20% of the time.

  20. Jo-Jo said

    Baynes and Cowgill on the bench = trouble

  21. Jo-Jo said

    I don’t think Harm as even touched the ball on offense since he hit that shot. With three starters on the bench, and Daven (supposedly) the Cougs sixth man, what the hell?

  22. Jo-Jo said

    You know what I think? I I believe this Cougar team doesn’t think they can beat Stanford, Arizona or UCLA.

    This is totally mental.

  23. Longball said

    Man, the only story here is that we hit enough 3’s to stay close. Other than that we are getting owned.

  24. Jo-Jo said

    No, the only story is that we can’t rebound.

  25. Jo-Jo said

    Instead of coming off a screen and driving into a a pair of trees, curl and SHOOT a mid range jumper.

  26. Jo-Jo said

    Would someone please give Mitch Johnson his missing chromosome back, that face is killing me.

  27. Jo-Jo said

    Awesome, the tallest Coug on the floor is 6’8″

  28. Jo-Jo said

    Forrest, points in the paint?

  29. Jo-Jo said

    There is no flippin’ way Lopez should have only two fouls 30 minutes into the game.

  30. Jo-Jo said

    The Cougs are playin’ Zone!

  31. Longball said

    Ok, back after eating some dinner but no idea how i even have an appetite. so when i saw stanford’s points off turnovers i almost blew a gasket. We have just been garbage taking care of the ball tonight.

  32. Longball said

    Weaver needs to stop crying and start playing. That is what happens when you try to dunk on a 7 footer. Terrible decision.

  33. Longball said

    Wow, and the refs foul out Baynes on Rochestie’s foul. Pac-10 refs are simply amazing.

  34. Longball said

    Ha ha ha ha, they had to reverse the call. Oh well, here comes the blowout anyway. Way to not take care of the ball, Cougs. embarassing.

  35. Jo-Jo said

    The zone was working a bit, they should stick to it.

    I don’t understand why every time someone looks at a Lopez, a whistle blows, but they never have a foul called on them. Those dudes hack just as much as they get hacked.

  36. Jo-Jo said

    Why haven’t we given Harm more looks? If he hits one, he hits a ton.

  37. Longball said


  38. Jo-Jo said

    I hate that team.

  39. Michelle said

    The pac-10 refs solidified the fact that they are terrible with the call vs Baynes that they had to review, AFTER the player shot his foul shots. To see him go back in the game was almost laughable, like “did that really just happen?”

    Well, I’m not too upset, we are still going dancing…just would have been nice if we didn’t get killed by stanford 3 times this season…

    Don’t forget selection sunday show at Bohler Gym at 2:30 this sunday.

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