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Tony Bennett: They’ll trust him with their kids

Posted by Jeff Nusser on March 12, 2008

I ran across an interesting read on this morning, where they polled the Pac-10 writers on a number of different topics relating to the conference. Not a ton of love for the Cougs in there, until this question: If you could choose your son to play for any coach in the Pac-10, who would it be?

Tony Bennett was the overwhelming choice.

“Tony Bennett, in a heartbeat. That team epitomizes teamwork, sublimation of egos for the collective good, and Bennett doesn’t try to be the show. Plus I’ll bet his graduation rate will be outstanding when the numbers come in in several years.”

“Solid values, seems to get more from his players than some other coaches, and also seems to have a clearer vision as to how the pieces will fit together. I like that he doesn’t recruit from’s top 100 list.” (Except that we got one this year, Michael Harthun. Give it time, man. We’ll be there in another year.)

“He’s charismatic, yet has minimal ego. He’s got some old-school traits, passed along by gus dad, mixed with a modern take on the game.”

“Good guy, good coach.”

“He’s down to earth, seems to have things in perspective, communicates well, is young enough to appreciate players’ concerns and is not affected by the public’s perception of the players’ abilities.”

“Tony Bennett. Just don’t ever expect me to ever visit my kid in Pullman.”

Other interesting things in there?

  • Two guys said Taylor Rochestie is the conference’s most underrated player — “He resembles an intramural player until he burns you” — an assessment I have a hard time arguing with given that he didn’t make the conference’s honorable mention team, but Mitch freaking Johnson did.
  • An overwhelming number of writers thought the conference’s most overrated player is Chase Budinger, something I also totally agree with. Superstar one minute, disappears the next.
  • More writers felt coach of the year should be Herb Sendek, not Trent Johnson.
  • At least a couple of writers picked Coug fans as the “best and classiest” in the Pac-10, saying, “More than eight thousand brave blizzards to cheer their boys, and they regularly cheer hustle plays by opponents — so long as the Cougars are still comfortably ahead,” and “Washington State seems to have loud, but not belligerent, fans. Perhaps they have not learned how to be repulsive yet.” Perhaps. Perhaps not.
  • Oregon won the most offensive category “by the margin of three offensive gay references,” according to one writer.

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2 Responses to “Tony Bennett: They’ll trust him with their kids”

  1. Ptowncoug said

    Honestly, if I have watch Mitch Johnson attempt a 3 with his ugly looking shot I am going to puke. It’s almost as bad as Shawn Marion’s shot!

  2. Nuss said

    Worse. And I cannot think of a worse point guard in the Pac-10. The guy has zero offense, and I’m pretty sure just about anyone can get four assists a game just dumping it in to Brook Lopez. I will give him that he’s an adequate defender.

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