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WSU HOOPS blog function finalized

Posted by Jeff Nusser on March 7, 2008

OK, so here it is. It seems it will be a small, but intense and rabid, group of Cougar basketball fans.

WSU HOOPS Blog Function

  • Who: Any of us in Pullman tomorrow
  • What: A get together of the best WSU basketball fans around — the readers of WSU HOOPS
  • When: 2 p.m.
  • Where: The Coug
  • Why: Because we’ll all be there. And it’s senior day. And we rule. And beer is tasty.

I’ll try and make up some kind of table tent or something that says WSU HOOPS so we can find each other, but if all else fails, I’ll be the 30-year-old guy wearing crimson a white collared shirt with a red tie (it’s the closest I’ve got to crimson — I’m on the bandwagon, Michelle!) with earrings that are way too big for someone his age. If you know you’re going to be there and you want my cell number just in case, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll send it to you.


3 Responses to “WSU HOOPS blog function finalized”

  1. Michelle said

    Oh can’t wait to see it!!!

  2. Nuss said

    I’ll put up some pics tomorrow, but I’ve uploaded them to facebook. Just send me a friend request — because, truly, you’re all my friends! (OK, that sounds cheesy, but it’s true.)

    Oh, and my buddy Mikey had the best tie, hands down. You have to see it. People were taking pictures of it all over the place, including Chris Henry’s dad. And Mike ended up getting a picture with Chris Henry for his efforts. Getting to the other seniors after the game in the tunnel … not so much. Too many people.

  3. Bradley Logan said

    Sorry I couldn’t make it to this Nuss. It killed me to have to miss that game, especially being against the huskies and senior night. But, my parents were taking me to Vegas, and I had no real choice. There were absolutely no flights out of Pullman and Spokane that would have worked for me to just meet my parents late. And believe me, I searched. I did manage to watch the game though. Despite having the AZST vs. ORST game on FSN, for some reason the sports bars in Vegas didn’t have the Coug game. So, with a little resourcefulness, I had my brother put our iMac with its built-in webcam in front of our home TV, and did a video chat between it and my laptop in Vegas. It actually worked surprisingly well.

    Anyway, next time you are in Pullman, let us know, and I’ll do my best to be there.

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