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WSU HOOPS blog function update

Posted by Jeff Nusser on March 6, 2008

So, this blog function thing isn’t exactly taking off as well as I had hoped. Maybe you all aren’t going to be in Pullman. Maybe you are, but you’re not sure if I’m cool enough to spend some time with before the game. (Trust me, I am. Ask Jo-Jo.) Maybe you just haven’t had time to respond to the previous post.

Whatever it is — to borrow a phrase from our coach — now’s the time to get on board.

As of right now, it’s basically going to be me and Longball. And I’m sure Longball is a cool guy, but being the Cougs that we are, we like our parties big. So if you think you can make it, respond to this post with an “I’ll be there” and a suggestion of when and where. That way, I can work out my own travel details and we can get this thing rolling.


9 Responses to “WSU HOOPS blog function update”

  1. johnnycougar said

    Sorry Nuss, sounds like fun but I won’t be in Pullman. If you do the same thing for football games and bball next year, I’ll take you up on it!

  2. Ptowncoug said

    I am out as well as the fam and I will be traveling to Disneyland. Longball give Mades a call I am sure he is up to meeting up with ya. He’ll probably get the Branson bros to come along as well. Also, Han-Bone will be in town with a buddy and is attending the game. Give a call if you need anybody’s number.
    My understanding is that the ticket office intends to sell GA seats at the door. If not, there will be tixs available.

  3. Eric said

    900 miles away, dude. Sorry.

  4. Michelle said

    I will be at valhalla that night, the coug might be too packed!

  5. Nuss said

    Well, I was thinking The Coug wouldn’t be too packed before the game. I know how it will be after the game …

  6. I’m down for the coug!!! Cougs are going to kick some husky ass on Saturday! We need to do some prefunking to get ready!!

  7. Longball said

    Ptown, you’ll be pleased to know i do indeed have a hot date with Mader.

    So, nuss, where do we meet? I am going to have to try and score two of these GA tix at the door, so not sure how early i have to get there to do that. I can talk about Coug hoops for days without sleep food or water, so maybe we should just meet up now and get this thing started.

  8. Nuss said

    Let me check with my ride and see what time we’re taking off from the west side. But I’m thinking like 1:30 at The Coug. I’ll put a final time and place up tomorrow.

  9. Ptowncoug said

    Give Han-Bone a call because I know he would like to catch up as well. I heard there may be a number of tixs available on stub-hub.

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