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So, maybe I don’t know anything

Posted by Jeff Nusser on March 6, 2008

On Tuesday, I said I thought the Cougs’ bottom end for a seed could be as low as a No. 10 seed if they lose on Saturday and flame out in the first round of the Pac-10 Tournament. ESPN’s Joe Lunardi disagrees — he thinks their bottom end is a No. 6, according to this interview on KJR. It’s around the 12-minute mark. He draws his conclusion from the fact that so many at large teams pretty much stink this year, which supports the caveat in my post; I just didn’t realize the pool of at large candidates was viewed as so mediocre.

(Hat tip to the WSU Football Blog for digging this one up.)


2 Responses to “So, maybe I don’t know anything”

  1. Christian K said

    Nuss, I have really enjoyed the site. You do a great job breaking down the games. I also enjoyed the commentary on Tony Bennett and his possible motivation for sticking around. Let’s hope you are right.

    I also have a boy that is around a year old, so I completely understand the birthday delay on the prior post. Future cougs in the making.

    I won’t be in Pullman on Saturday, but keep writing!


  2. Nuss said

    Thanks! Glad you enjoy it. Joshua is currently in the 90th percentile in height, so I’m really hoping he stays on that trend …

    Get that scholly! I’m just a teacher! 😉

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