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WSU HOOPS blog function

Posted by Jeff Nusser on March 5, 2008

One of the cool things about doing a blog is that it allows people from all over to lend their insight and input to the issues we cover. And it’s also one of the bummer things, as most of us never really get to meet each other.

Well, I’m hoping to change that.

I’m going to be in Pullman this weekend for the UW game, and I was thinking about having a blog function at one of the local establishments where we all can hang out and talk Cougar hoops. I was thinking before the game at The Coug, given its proximity to Beasley, but I don’t know how feasible that is for students who will be lining up for seats. We might have to make it a postgame party instead, if pregame is too much of a hassle. I just want as many people as want to be there to be able to make it.

I’m open to whatever is going to work best as far as time and location. Post a comment below with suggestions if you’re going to be in Pullman and you’re interested.


4 Responses to “WSU HOOPS blog function”

  1. Ptowncoug said

    Another shout out in Moore’s column. Good stuff. My pastor gave a sermon one day on figuring out what God wanted from you. He pointed to the common thing that many of Christians look for, a sign from God helping us in our decision making. I have to admit I often have got caught up in deciphering life to see if God had a message to assist in my decision making. My pastor’s message was not to look for signs, but to make sound decisions and simply trust and obey God and he will bless you in whatever you do, recognizing of course those blessings may come in the form of trials to strengthen your faith!:)
    I pray that TB handles this trial of money and fame presented to him and that he also makes a sound decision and puts his trust in God.
    Sorry Longball if this is to religous for ya!

  2. Nuss said

    Faith in Jesus is a wonderful thing. It doesn’t make life easier, but it sure as heck makes it a lot better. If it seems like Bennett has a strange peace about everything all the time, there’s a reason for that — it incredibly freeing when you know that if you stick with God, you can hardly go wrong.

    And I’m thankful to Jim for not making us sound like a couple of right-wing wackos for our faith. Huge props to him.

  3. Longball said

    As fate would have it I am in town this weekend and hoping to come accross a couple game tickets somehow. If there is a get together before the game i could do it, but after the game i’ll have to be heading back cross the mountains. Rico’s? The Page? Ptowncoug’s house?

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