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Vote for Butch!

Posted by Jeff Nusser on February 25, 2008

It’s your duty as a Coug.


4 Responses to “Vote for Butch!”

  1. drpezz said

    It could be telling that Butch isn’t even one of the first 5 selections. I had to scroll over to find him. Uh-oh. He’s already at the back of the pack. 🙂

  2. Nuss said

    That’s because after he won the Capital One contest last year, corporations have been doing everything they can to keep the Cougs down. Jerks.

  3. Cfred said

    Booya! Butch is leading the votes so far! Everyone keep voting. I vote every time I get on my computer because despite how it says you can vote only once a day I think it is actually closer to once every two hours…

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