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Archive for February 22nd, 2008

As happy as I’ve been after a win in a while

Posted by Jeff Nusser on February 22, 2008

There’s an old saying in coaching: Control what you can control.

You can’t always control whether your own shots go in.

You can’t always control whether you’re opponents’ shots go in.

And you can’t control it at all when officials miss a blatant goaltend, or send a team’s best player to the bench with a bogus reach call that was instigated by the offensive player, or send an opponent to the line on a clean block because he happened to jump into a 270-pound brick wall and then predictably fall to the floor. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

But among the things you can control are how smart and how hard you play on both ends of the floor. And what I see is a team that is playing smarter and harder than it has all season.

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