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Is there anything better than ruining something for Huskies?

Posted by Jeff Nusser on February 21, 2008

“The best-laid plans of the University of Washington Alumni Association and Huskies cheerleaders were somewhat upstaged Tuesday at Gate 3B at Seat-Tac Airport. Horizon Air has painted four Bombardier CRJ-700 jets with the colors and logos of the UW, the University of Oregon, Oregon State University and the Huskies’ archrival, Washington State University. The UW invited the media to record the Huskies cheerleaders on the wing of their newly painted jet, while concidentaly, the jet painted in WSU colors was towed from a nearby gate before its scheduled departure for Fresno, Calif. The distraction was unappreciated on the wing of the Huskies’ plane. (Paul Joseph Brown/Seattle Post-Intelligencer )”

And if you think it was a coincidence, I’ve a bridge to sell you. I think I especially like the cheerleader giving a polite thumbs down while freezing her tushy off on that wing.


11 Responses to “Is there anything better than ruining something for Huskies?”

  1. MikeR said

    And if you think it was a coincidence, I’ve a bridge to sell you.

    Unfortunately, it was. Of course, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t damn cool to see…

  2. Nuss said

    Then God is a Cougar, and in that case, it’s not coincidental. So there.

  3. MikeR said


    I was actually on hand for the event, and there were quite a few Cougs in attendance (media members mostly) who were much more taken by the WSU jet than the UW jet (much to the dismay of the attention-whorish UW cheerleaders…).

  4. Eric said

    To-do list after winning the lottery:

    1) Buy WSU jet.
    2) Buy UW jet.
    3) Blow up UW jet.

  5. Nuss said

    I’m pretty sure you’d like to amend that to “while on the ground.” We don’t need Homeland Security around here for “blow up” and “jet” appearing in the same sentence on the site … even if we are talking about Huskies.

    And that is hilarious, Mike. I wish I could see the looks on their faces in the photo. I’ll bet they were just dumbstruck.

  6. Jo-Jo said

    Oh, my. That is precious. I love that picture.

  7. sedihawk said

    NICE JOB NUSS. We totally missed that one. Fantastic!

    All the while, their stadium bid is dying a slow death in Oly.

    I love how they keep crying poor-mouth down there.

    “Unfortunately, every year it’s going to take a bigger bite out of the athletic department budget.”

    WHA?!?? Just do what everyone else has done in your shoes. Get your fans and ticket holders to pay for it. Assess your students a fee. Stop crying about it in the media and get it done on your own accord. Drive through the Medina neighborhoods, and you know they have more money than God.

  8. Joe said

    I heard the WSU jet is too big to land at the Pullman airport. Is that true?

  9. MikeR said

    I heard the WSU jet is too big to land at the Pullman airport. Is that true?

    Actually, the problem isn’t that it’s too big (the Q400, which Horizon will begin flying to Pullman in April, is longer and has a wider wingspan). I think the issue is that the FAA requires more runway length for the CRJ to take off than what the Pullman airport can offer.

  10. Doc Manry said

    The real difference is that the CRJ is a Jet and the Q400 is a turbo-prop. While this seems to be a very simple statement the wings, engines, etc are very different. The Jet is made to fly higher and faster, and thus for longer distances. While the turbo-prop flies at a lower altitude (where the prop engines are more efficient, jets are more efficient higher up). Look at the swept wing on the CRJ jet versus the straight profile wing on the Q400. All of this translates into a faster takeoff and landing speed for the jet, which equals a longer runway length. Also Pullman airport is at 2556 ft elevation which lengths take-off/landing distance.

    FAA certification testing sets the limits for runway length for all aircraft(and yes fellow pilots; I’m grossly simplifying things).

    Alas no cool upstaging WSU CRJ in Pullman.

  11. Nuss said

    But the Huskies left on that plane on Saturday, right? And thanks for the knowledge; I know my head is sufficiently spinning. I knew there was a good reason I stayed away from physics past high school.

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