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GAME THREAD: No. 21 WSU at Oregon

Posted by Jeff Nusser on February 16, 2008

Cougars (19-5 overall, 7-5 Pac-10) at Oregon (15-9, 6-6)

MacArthur Court (Eugene, Ore.), 6 p.m. PT

Okay, I’m filling on for Nuss on this one, and it is going to be brief. Oregon is no mystery. They live and die by the jumper. If the Cougars can control the tempo of the game and minimize any rhythm the Ducks can gather, hopefully they can keep their shooters under control.

Keys to the game: Contain Maarty Leunen. In the last contest Leunen scored 20 and collected 13 boards. If they box him out and don’t leave him open the Cougs should be fine.

Rebound that basketball. Second chance points have been a bugaboo for the Cougs lately. They need to win the rebounding battle tonight.

Get off to a fast start. Another problem the Cougars have had this season. This is an absolute must in order to keep the fans out of the game. Mac Court is a mad house that needs to be silenced.

Pray that Tajuan Porter doesn’t go nuts. When this kid gets hot, he’s dangerous. But, he’s totally hit or miss. Lets just hope that tonight he’s miss.

Enjoy the game. I’m going on date with my wife so I wont get to watch it live. But, if you knew how hot my wife was, you’d take the date too.


6 Responses to “GAME THREAD: No. 21 WSU at Oregon”

  1. johnnycougar said

    Actually, to me the key to tonight’s game is how Weaver is feeling. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but he was hobbling around after the OSU game with a calcium deposit in his leg. I think that’s the technical term for “shin splint.” Will he be able to go? It won’t be worth it if he plays like he did on Thursday. Against a 4 guard team, losing our best defender or even having him play at 75% is pretty discouraging. I don’t want to see us get into a shootout with Oregon, though to some extent the numbers favor us in terms of shooting % and offensive efficiency. I guess we’ll see.

    Go Cougs!

  2. longball said

    Well at the half Weaver is a complete non-factor and we have a slim lead. Hope he can find his groove soon. If he is having pain in his leg it may explain why he is reaching so much instead of moving his feet. I just dont trust this lead. The Ducks were really tentative on O and passed up some open shots. That is the first time ive ever seen Porter pass on a 3 point shot whether he was open or not.

  3. longball said

    wow, without Taylor on the floor we are a poor ball handling team.

  4. longball said

    Wow, when we go dry offensively there are just no answers. This isnt exactly the New England Patriots defense we’re playing against.

  5. longball said

    Credit to Baynes for getting the points that broke us out of our slump, but those two late assists by Weaver… wow.

  6. Jo-Jo said

    Quick observations on last nights game:

    It was great to see the shooters get off early. I think this should be a key moving forward on the season. Fast starts have been few and far between for the Cougs this year, I would like to see them really try to work the three ball in the first five minutes, try to build a lead and go to the post from there. The hot start by Low and Rochestie kept the croud out of the game throughout the entire first half.

    The Cougs turned the table on the second chance points. Instead of getting destroyed by offensive rebound, like they did against UCLA, they out scored the Ducks 12-2 on second chance points. I stated that a key to game would be limiting those opportunities for Oregon, and our boys did me one better by flipping the script.

    Nuss, you were right about Leunen, he moves around a lot better than I thought he did. That was a surprise for me, and also a surprise to me was what a good passer Joevan Catron is. That dude had some dimes. But all the flash that Oregon showed was nulified by (tell me everyone else noticed this) the yellow on yellow name plates on the backs of their jersey. In two words, tacky & arogent.

    This game was a vast improvement from Thursday night, and if they play like that the rest of the way, this team should have no problem finishing in the top three of conference. I still believe that Stanford will shoot themselves in the foot.

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