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No thoughts today from me

Posted by Jeff Nusser on February 15, 2008

Between Valentine’s Day and driving over the now-traversable mountains — it’s a four-day weekend for most of us teachers — I didn’t get to watch the game, and only got to listen to a portion of it. I wasn’t exactly heartbroken that I wasn’t going to get to see it, given that I figured the outcome would be what it was.

Besides, in traveling over the mountains, we made a detour through Seattle and had the greatest Valentine’s dinner I can remember:

Now that’s a wife that’s a keeper.


2 Responses to “No thoughts today from me”

  1. MikeR said

    Very nice!

    Eerily reminiscent of my Valentine’s Day last year — saw the Cougs beat the Dawgs at Hec Ed, then stopped at Dick’s on the way home (it was actually my wife’s idea) for a couple of deluxes and some fries. Great night all around, and my favorite Valentine’s Day ever…

  2. Nuss said

    You know, I was at that game, too. And I had forgotten that it was Valentine’s Day. I had scored tickets off the UW Web site on Monday that week, and had gotten them for my very pregnant wife and my dad to go together. My wife ended up not wanting to expend the energy, so I went with my dad and buddy Ryan. It was a blast.

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