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Archive for February 15th, 2008

Credit the Beav’s for Cougs Victory

Posted by Jo-Jo on February 15, 2008

I know this might be a bit late, but let me lead off with this; that WSU win was more about how the Oregon State Beavers suck than about how good the Cougs are.

Man, that hurts to say. But, it’s true.

In taking the time to watch the game this evening, I couldn’t help but wish that I hadn’t. What a ridiculous waste of time.  And you know what? That is the look that was on the Cougars face throughout the entire game. As a unit, with the exception of Junior Guard Taylor Rochestie, this team looked entirely disinterested. The evidence, in my opinion came largely through the number of reaching fouls that were called on our boys do to a lazy effort on defense. And don’t give credit to the Cougars for Oregon State’s pitiful 32% field-goal percentage. The Beavers absolutely did that to themselves.

In all honesty the Beavers reminded me of of the Cougars team from two years ago, only without real hope in terms of talent. They are bad, young, and they definitely work harder than smarter.  They lost that game because they are just not a very good basketball team, but when looking at this game as a whole, I felt that they actually (from a proportional, talent to product ratio) played a better game than the Cougs did. They were all over the floor with effort. The played aggressively on defense. They managed to hang around for one half of basketball. And, if they could make a basket they might have had a chance at upsetting Washington State last night. But they didn’t.

On the Cougars side of the coin, I felt that only two players were even interested in playing this game; Rochestie and Robbie Cowgill. Number 10 was his usual self, running around with the ball in his hands, taking the game as it came to him, probably getting more than 20 points because his teammates refused to be involved. Cowgill, I felt, had a very solid contest, ripping down 11 rebounds with a never ending motor despite the lack of competition. He also managed to stay out of foul trouble, which is more than I can say for his post counterpart Aron Baynes, who (amazingly enough) managed to foul out in only 28 minutes of play. I believe his eight rebounds is skewed based on the horrendous shooting percentage of the opponent.  Derrick Low scored 21 points because in games that suck as bad as this one did, guards score a lot of points because they have the ball in their hands.

Now for the part that really bothers me. First of all, Kyle Weaver was absolutely worthless last night. Could it be possible that, with how well he has been playing over the past few ball games, Weav is big-timing it a bit. He really looked like he would have much rather been back at the hotel, watching Dirk Nowitzki destroy the Suns for the last time before Shaq joins them (until the Mav’s score Jason Kidd, at which point the Mav’s will destroy them again). He managed to keep himself in foul trouble throughout the entire first half, and it almost looked like he was doing it on purpose. Every time he took the floor he would reach in on a help defense that was blowing by him, roll his eyes and head back to the bench. Maybe he is just too good to play against a team like Oregon State. Ya think? Seriously, he did score a point until the 12:58 mark in the second half.  Needless to say I was very disappointed.

I will also criticize Tony Bennett a bit here for not taking the opportunity to rest his players against a poor team such as Oregon State. With daunting task of Mac Court around the corner tomorrow, it was pretty foolish to see any of the top six in the rotation break 30 minutes. Nic Kopravica played eight quality minutes (unless I’m mistaken they were all in the first half), and rising Caleb Forrest only played four minutes all night. I don’t understand. Sixth man Daven Harmeling logged 31 Weaver-like minutes, contributing nothing to the team except taking space up in the middle on defense and badly missing two 3-point baskets.

Also disturbing is the fact that Baynes lead the team in assist. Okay, that could be seen as a positive, but not when he only had three. Although I will say that he was passing the ball very well out of the double team, and actually hit Cowgill for a dunk early in the second half. It’s one thing for a post to hit a guy on the perimeter, it’s a whole different story when he can help create shots for his post partners. But, Rochestie and Low scoring a combined 45 points while Baynes lead the team in assist with three is not a recipe for success.
Regardless, in the Pac-10 a win is a win. Especially with Mary-Kate and Ashley dropping a game to Arizona State. People were all ready to make this conference a two team show with UCLA and Stanford “pulling away from the Pac.” If the Cougs can gain their composure win at Oregon Saturday night,  Stanford will have their hands full at Arizona and the race for second place is once again wide open.


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No thoughts today from me

Posted by Jeff Nusser on February 15, 2008

Between Valentine’s Day and driving over the now-traversable mountains — it’s a four-day weekend for most of us teachers — I didn’t get to watch the game, and only got to listen to a portion of it. I wasn’t exactly heartbroken that I wasn’t going to get to see it, given that I figured the outcome would be what it was.

Besides, in traveling over the mountains, we made a detour through Seattle and had the greatest Valentine’s dinner I can remember:

Now that’s a wife that’s a keeper.

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