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Welcome our newest writer!

Posted by Jeff Nusser on February 8, 2008

WSU HOOPS has been a one-man show since its inception a few months ago. No longer.

Please welcome our newest writer, Jo-Jo Roberts, who’ll be dropping his vast basketball knowledge on all of you from time to time.

Jo-Jo and I went to high school together, went to WSU together, lived at CCN together, made a lot of stupid decisions together — that photo of us at Barn Bash, circa 1998, was one of the least incriminating ones I could find from our college years — wrote at The Daily Evergreen together, joined a fraternity together, found Christ together and were in each other’s weddings. So it’s safe to say we’re pretty tight, and go back a little ways.

Besides our previous relationship and the fact that he comments here so often that it wasn’t much of a stretch to make him a full-time contributor, I invited him to join the team because he knows a lot about basketball — especially X’s and O’s, which aren’t always my strong suit — and he is a ridiculously passionate Coug after having worked in the athletic department for the majority of his, um, many years in Pullman. Also, variety is always good for you, the reader, since Jo-Jo and I don’t always see eye-to-eye on everything.

Be looking for his first post — on whether zone defense should be an option for this team — in the next day or so.


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