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Looking rediculous-er and absurd-er by the moment

Posted by Jeff Nusser on January 30, 2008

We all had a nice laugh last week when we read Ernie Kent’s quote touting Oregon fans as “different,” and not “fans that turn into hatred and all that kind of stuff.” Well, nobody’s really laughing now, as Oregon AD Pat Kilkenny has had to publicly apologize to pretty much everyone ever associated with the UCLA basketball program for comments directed by students at — surprise! — Kevin Love during Thursday’s game.

To Kent’s credit, he got on the microphone and pleaded with the crowd to be nicer to the Trojans on Saturday. But, c’mon: Can you imagine Tony Bennett or Ben Howland or Lorenzo Romar or Coach K or Roy Williams or … anyone else having to do that? There have been a number of coaches who have had to ask for a fan to not throw stuff at the playing surface, but I can’t remember one ever having to plead with the masses for better behavior.

It’s admirable that Kent wanted to give his fans the benefit of the doubt, but it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone.

Oh, and if you’d like a first-hand account of what actually happened, check this out. Rated PG-13. (You’ll also wonder, after reading it, if any of those students actually realize why what they did was wrong.)


5 Responses to “Looking rediculous-er and absurd-er by the moment”

  1. Michelle said

    Thanks for the links Nuss, great to see that E-Kents pre game comments came back to bite him in the butt. Although, I would think that after this incident, if our fans acted similarly (which we know we wouldn’t), Tony might make it a point to come out and let us know whats up.

    Looking forward to a good turn out from the students…who might be the only people able to get to the game.

  2. Nuss said

    I didn’t really want to see the comments come back to bite him, but I just didn’t see how anyone associated with Oregon could be so naive about their fans. Everyone could see it coming as evidenced by the fact that the question was asked in the first place. It should have never happened, and it certainly should not have continued past halftime. They should have been ejecting students who refused to comply.

    But something tells me they weren’t really all that concerned about it until after they had lost to the Bruins.

  3. MikeR said

    if our fans acted similarly (which we know we wouldn’t)

    In all honesty, I wouldn’t place our students on that much higher of a pedestal than Oregon’s. The only thing that separates our students from theirs is the fact that theirs show a bit more creativity in their vulgar, obscene trash talking. Ours keep it pretty simple, but almost as vulgar and obscene.

    Not to mention, ours has a fun reputation for throwing stuff onto the field of play…

  4. Michelle said

    I was being slightly sarcastic in that comment, especially since we are the reason bottle caps aren’t allowed in the stadium. However, I think our event management would take away any negative signs before they became an issue for basketball games. Plus as the former ZZU CRU president, i know that most of the fans attempt to overpower the idiots that chant “F” the Huskies or whatever with a “let’s go cougars” or something similar. We’ve had our fair share of bad fans, but I can’t remember any signs or chants of homophobic nature. All fans heckle visiting teams though, nobody can deny that.

  5. james said

    [Fails to bring anything basketball related to the table.]

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