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What do people really think about the Cougs?

Posted by Jeff Nusser on January 24, 2008

Jim Moore, everyone’s favorite Coug columnist, had this little tidbit buried in his column on Wednesday from the P-I sports banquet. I found it interesting, so I thought I’d pass it on to you.  Enjoy.

Washington State’s basketball team is 16-1. No one was here from the team, but I just like to type that the Cougs are 16-1 because I’ve never typed that before.

“They’re good, very sound,” Washington coach Lorenzo Romar said.

It’s amazing to watch, really, because WSU seems to have fewer athletes on its team than its opponents. Perhaps that’s not the case.

“Their individual players are better than people think,” Romar said. “Kyle Weaver is a good basketball player. Derrick Low’s a good basketball player. Aron Baynes is a load. Taylor Rochestie is a good basketball player. They’re not a bunch of guys who are not any good.”

Slick Watts, the 1976 Sports Star of the Year, chimed in with this about the Cougs: “They’ve got attitude and it’s showing. I told somebody the other day that Washington State is getting all the good white kids.

“The game is still played with fundamentals, blocking out, good sets and screens, moving with the ball, controlling the tempo and taking good shots. The game is still won that way. And that’s the way they play.”

So how good are they, Final Four good?

“They’ve got as good a chance as anybody else,” Watts said. “They play possession basketball. Every possession counts in tournaments.”

Added Romar: “They can beat anybody on any given day.”

“Even top-ranked Memphis?” I asked.

“Anybody on any given day,” Romar repeated.


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  1. Jo~Jo said

    Those words sound like a refreshing mountain steam at 7:00 in the morning. Ahhhh.

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