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Ridiculously laughable and absurd quote of the day

Posted by Jeff Nusser on January 24, 2008

This ran in yesterday’s Seattle Times at the bottom of Bob Condotta’s Pac-10 notebook. It was in reference to a question about whether Oregon fans would save some special “cheers” for Kevin Love, an Oregon native who spurned the Ducks for UCLA, which visits Mac Court tonight:

“Oregon fans are different,” Oregon coach Ernie Kent said. “They are not fans that turn into hatred and all that kind of stuff.”

Uh, right. Try telling that to my buddy, who was spit on repeatedly at an Oregon/WSU football game during the run to the Rose Bowl in 1997. Or try telling that to the WSU football players who talk about ziplock bags of urine being dumped on them as they come out of the tunnel. Or try telling that to me, who was almost knocked over and then fought with by a fan in a concourse while covering a women’s basketball game as a working journalist at Mac Court.

Nothing against Ernie or most Oregon athletic department employees (who are nice people) or the Oregon fan I work with (who is a great guy) but most hardcore Oregon fans that I’ve come into contact with at venues have been classless jerks.

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8 Responses to “Ridiculously laughable and absurd quote of the day”

  1. NyCOUG said

    Ahhhh yes, those classy Duck fans. Man, that is one seriously ridiculous comment from Ernie. I’ve had many an encounter with their alums, most recently at an NYC bar last year when several Duck fans were watching their football team play Oklahoma. One of them, a very big and very loud woman, went nuts after a controversial call didn’t go their way — she swept everything off the bar in front of her, breaking glasses, spilling food and beer, everything, as she screamed ‘BULLSH*T!!!!!!’ She was promptly asked to leave but decided it was a good idea to spit at the bartender on the way out. Yep, the depth of Duck depravity extends far and wide my friend. Stay Classy Ducks.

    P.S. To be fair, the NY WSU alum group watched the Sunday game vs. Oregon jointly with a group of Duck fans, all of whom were perfectly nice and tolerable. I guess losing has a bit of a humbling effect, no?


  2. Longball said

    My favorite experience ever with the Quacker Backers was being in Autzen for the 2003 Beat Down! the stadium was just thundering loud after they had beaten Michigan the week before and were on the cover of SI. About 2 minutes in, the stadium was silent, except for a sliver of coug fans above the corner of the endzone that looked like a crimson mosh pit.

    I have a lot of Duck fan friends and have been to many duck games in Pullman, Eugene and Seattle. they have become my 2nd least favoirite team in the Pac-10 (#1 is the dawgs, of course) mostly because of their arrogance and inflated sense of their team’s significance. ALso because the whole aesthetic surrounding them is so offensive to good taste, from the Star Trek locker rooms, to the day-glo uniforms. But i have to admit, i dont think they are more “classless” or obnoxious than any other fans. In fact, when my web footed friends attend games in Pullman they get abused worse than i ever have in Eugene. When my friends and I all tripped to Auburn in 2006 we came away with the strong conviction that all Pac-10 fans could learn a lot from our hosts in the South that weekend.

  3. Nuss said

    I’ve actually heard that from Coug fans who went to Notre Dame and Wisconsin the last few years — that the hospitality was unbelievable. It could have more to do with the fact that we amounted to little more than sacrificial lambs in most of those contests, but still, point taken.

  4. Michelle said

    well, on a visit to eugene with my dad the last time we played there (before this year) we were walking down the street, pre-game, and out of nowhere a group of guys in a jeep yell “F WSU!! Your daughter is a dirty whore!” How classy! My dad was a little pissed but I was furious that some drunk guy would yell that, knowing it was a dad and daughter walking together.

    secondly at Mac Court, I had a 70 year old man tell me that my parents didn’t raise me right and I should go back to where I came from. All this after just yelling during an Oregon Free throw.

    two years ago in Pullman, with Aaron Brooks’ infamous travel at the end of the game (not to be confused with last years travel), Ernie Kent came out to give a post game interview and refused to do the interview with FSN until all students were gone, telling the WSU event staff that he would get the police if we didn’t leave. Then turned to us and told us he would find us later…haha! Yes we were asking him if he was happy that his team won by cheating…but still, we’re the college kids.

    This is a marathon post (in the words of vince Grippi), but I have two more things to add not regarding Oregon. The nicest Pac-10 coach i have ever met is lorenzo romar. What a classy guy. He even offered to buy my friend his meal at Jack in the box while his team was eating there post game. On the opposite spectrum, The great Brian Davis from FSN couldn’t take the ZZU CRU’s hatred of him and got into it with one of the students saying “Your mom must be real proud of the son she raised” Classic…

    Agreed though that MOST visiting fans aren’t greeted as well as maybe Auburn did to us, so it’s hard to pick on Oregon. But as a coach, I don’t think you should make a comment that your fans are classy or whatever. If they give Love a hard time (which they will…at every school he visits), Ernie will wish he hadn’t talked so nicely of his beloved Pit Crew!


  5. Nuss said

    Agreed on Romar. What you see is what you get with that guy — a truly nice person. Makes it hard to hate the Huskies …

    Nah, never mind. I still hate them.

  6. Eric said

    Cougs v. Oregon, ’97, at the aforementioned Autzen spitfest. As a photojournalist for the Evergreen, I was on the field shooting the game mostly from the Wazzu sideline (I was spit on a lot myself and once barely dodged a cup full of chew spit thrown at the bench).

    After the game — a 24-13 Coug win continuing an undefeated season — some sore-loser punk-ass Oregon fan jumped the wall and bum-rushed Butch who was standing about 10 feet from me. He blindsided him and got a cheap shot in to the back of the head with his forearm. Butch swung around and, with the grace of a dancer and the wrath of a bare-knuckle boxer, cold-cocked the Duck fun square in the jaw, knocking his dumb ass to the ground chin first. Unfortunately for the idiot Oregon fan (but I repeat myself), he had done this right in front of the celebrating Coug football team. When security finally caught up with the guy, they had to drag him from the field just so he didn’t get his ass whipped by the entire team.

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  8. edO said

    My buddy that played for UCLA in the late 90’s told me that after oregon beat them at MAC Court, the student section were yelling “racial epithets” at some of the black UCLA players..Disgusting and inappropriate, their student section should be put on probation. F#*@ freedom of hate speech!!!

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