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Not this year

Posted by Jeff Nusser on January 20, 2008

That feels good. Back in first place in the Pac-10, to boot. I’ll have more thoughts either tonight or early tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Not this year”

  1. johnnycougar said

    Coming into Pac-10 play, there were a few questions / issues surrounding our team. Would Harmeling ever find his shot? Would Low (and the team) finally start off the game aggressively? Would we overrely on Baynes due to limited bench depth? Would we improve our 3pt defense (our main weakness last year)? Well, so far we’ve got some positive answers. Low is improving, Harmeling is shooting better, and Forrest has been solid as a backup. I’d even say our 3pt defense is improving to some extent. We’ve still got the problem of starting out the game slowly, and I’d say that an emerging problem is Cowgill’s regression on offense. But so far I think that Coach Bennett has fixed most of the problems and we’ve still got a few months to iron out the kinks before the tourny. I’m excited to watch this team get better and better!

  2. nyCOUG said

    All is right in Cougar Nation. Nice win.

    -Gotham Cougs.
    nyc, ny.

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