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Will someone please tell me what the heck happened?

Posted by Jeff Nusser on January 18, 2008

As in, what the heck happened to the Ducks last night? I didn’t get to watch that game last night and I’ll be reading up on the game later, once I get done writing my OSU post, but what the heck? I’m interested to hear some thoughts from some people who watched that game, with specific emphasis on how last night’s performance by Oregon might bode for Sunday’s game against the Cougs.


One Response to “Will someone please tell me what the heck happened?”

  1. johnnycougar said

    Mainly, Oregon’s defense was as bad as usual but this time their O couldn’t save them. Two of their guys (I think Hairston and Leunun) both were shooting lights out but they didn’t get the ball down the stretch as Odia kept bricking 3’s rather than passing to the hot hands. The Ducks couldn’t keep Brockman out of the key because they tried to single team him. Since Oregon uses 4 guards, either Leunun or one of the guards would defend Brockman, depending on who the other post player for UW was at the time. This, for the record, is a BAD idea, as Brockman went for 21 & 16. Also, they couldn’t cover Appleby, and he got going early and often.

    I’d say this has a few implications on our game. First, if Porter and Odia continue their poor shooting we will absolutely win this game. The only reason we lost to them last year was absurd 3 point shooting and clutch play by Brooks and Porter, and now a freshman is trying to fill Brooks’ shoes while Porter’s coming off the bench. Second, Baynes should have a good time inside if he can pass successfully out of double teams like he did last night. There were a few times where his pass led directly (in less than two passes) to an easy basket – a BIG improvement over the LA trip. Also, if Oregon continues with their 4 guard look then hopefully Cowgill can get some more opportunities inside.

    One other interesting thing was that Oregon, despite having four quick guys on the court, struggled to get back on transition defense. The Cougs force a lot of steals and this should lead to some easy baskets. Oregon had sloppy offense and defense and seemed to lose focus down the stretch by just bombing 3’s. If they play anything like that against us we should win by 10.

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