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Cougs drop two spots on my BlogPoll ballot

Posted by Jeff Nusser on January 15, 2008

As I said yesterday, I was pretty happy to see that the voters in the major polls only dropped the Cougs four spots in their rankings. My only real gripe there was that Georgetown still was ranked so high, and you saw why last night — the Hoyas have only looked good this year in beating the snot out of inferior opponents. Road wins against Alabama and UConn hardly were impressive, and they more or less were soundly beaten by both Memphis and Pitt.

In only had to drop the Cougs two spots on my BlogPoll ballot because I had already dropped them below UCLA last week based off the Bruins’ impressive wins at Cal and Stanford. It turns out the move was justified. I considered keeping the Cougs ahead of Duke and Tennessee and probably would have done it, had the game been more competitive from start to finish. But with the way that first half went, I just couldn’t justify it.

So, without further ado, here is my BlogPoll ballot. The overall results of the poll are on the right-hand side of the page. I’ve got some thoughts below my ballot:

1. North Carolina
2. Memphis
3. Kansas
5. Tennessee
6. Duke
7. Washington St.
8. Indiana
9. Texas A&M
10. Marquette
11. Butler
12. Pittsburgh
13. Dayton
14. Georgetown
15. Michigan St.
16. Vanderbilt
17. Ole Miss
18. Wisconsin
19. Texas
20. Rhode Island
21. Arizona State
22. Xavier
23. Clemson
24. Oregon
25. Stanford

Thoughts …

  • There has been considerable discussion among the BlogPollers that this be amended to a Top 4. Right now, it really appears those teams truly are a cut above everyone else. I even considered vaulting UCLA all the way to No. 1 after Saturday’s win, but decided to stick with the status quo.
  • Pitt got the biggest boost on the heels of the win over Georgetown. I know the Panthers are a different team at home, but beating the Hoyas — even at home — without two of their top players is just so impressive to me. The Panthers looked very, very good in that game. I’m curious if they can sustain this level of play, or if the lack of depth will start to drain them.
  • Many of my BlogPoll colleagues didn’t drop Michigan State as far as I did, but that performance against Iowa was beyond terrible. The Hawkeyes are bad. Real bad. And to put up less than 40 points on them? That’s an embarrassment. The Spartans were penalized accordingly.
  • Vandy and Ole Miss suffered their first losses, but I didn’t drop either all that far. I dropped Vandy because of losing to a lifeless Kentucky team, but Ole Miss sat tight after a 3-point loss to Tennessee. Why penalize them for losing a close game they were supposed to lose?
  • I gave the Pac-10 a lot of love at the bottom of the poll. Arizona State is gaining momentum, but this weekend will tell us a heck of a lot about whether the Devils are for real. Three home games is a nice way to start, but now the true test begins for a young team. I still think Stanford is pretty good, as losing to Oregon at Mac Court is never something to be ashamed of. And the Ducks are now striking me as a team that probably will yo-yo in and out of the poll because of streaky shooting. I gave the Ducks some love because of three consecutive wins in conference play — two of them over opponents ranked in the AP top 25 at the time.

One Response to “Cougs drop two spots on my BlogPoll ballot”

  1. Longball said

    Not to put too shiny a polish on what i think was a real turd of a performance by the Cougs last Saturday, but i gotta admit, that desperation frenzy of 3’s at the end of the game is pretty exciting. In both the losses to Oregon last year, the loss to Vandy and the loss at Stanford, they were just pouring in the 3 pointers on us. I remember at the time thinking, Gawd, i hate when teams just get bailed out by going bonkers from 3 point range, but still, i wish our team could do that. If that was enough to awaken D Low and Harm from down town, i like our chances to win the games this year where the scoring gets outside our usual comfort zone.

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