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BlogPoll ballot changes little after quiet week

Posted by Jeff Nusser on December 18, 2007

The middle of December generally are the most quiet — and boring — two weeks of the college basketball season. Most BCS schools play only a game or two over the stretch and take on especially weak opponents thanks to end-of-term finals.

Who do these people think they are? As if academics are more important than our viewing enjoyment or something!

Anyway, the result is that my BlogPoll changed little from last week, given that there were so few upsets — with the notable exceptions of Oregon and Xavier — and so few games to actually tell us something about how teams are playing. I mean, beating the North Carolina A&F&T Culinary Institute by 50 doesn’t really give us a whole lot of insight.

So, without further ado, here is my ballot. Comments and observations follow. The full BlogPoll will be released later today or tonight — look for that on the right-hand side of the page. If you’re curious who the guys are who vote on this thing, check out the links under the “BlogPoll Roll” header on the right side of the page.

Rank (Last)
1 (1) North Carolina
2 (2) Memphis
3 (3) Texas
4 (4) Kansas
5 (5) WSU
6 (6) UCLA
7 (7) Duke
8 (8) Georgetown
9 (9) Michigan St.
10 (10) Indiana
11 (11) Marquette
12 (12) Gonzaga
13 (13) Tennessee
14 (14) Texas A&M
15 (15) Pittsburgh
16 (17) Butler
17 (19) BYU
18 (21) Arizona
19 (22) Clemson
20 (23) Vanderbilt
21 (24) USC
22 (25) Villanova
23 (18) Xavier
24 (NR) Miami FL
25 (NR) Stanford

Last five out: Oregon, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Florida, St. Mary’s

Dropped out from last week: Oregon (16), Louisville (20).


  • I’m pretty fed up with Oregon as a Top 25 team. They really need to show me something against a quality opponent for me to think they’ve got things straightened out. They just don’t seem to have a rudder on offense. However, that loss to Nebraska might not end up looking as bad in the end as it first appears. First, it was on the road. Second, the Huskers have just two losses — at Creighton and at an underrated Western Kentucky — and might prove to be a bit of a sleeper in the Big 12.
  • Miami (FL) has been knocking on the door all year, and while the competition has been pretty weak (my reason for keeping them out), it’s hard to deny an undefeated BCS team any longer.
  • Stanford gets Brooke Lopez back. A lot of people think that will make the Cardinal a contender in the Pac-10. We’ll see. They have yet to play an opponent that even approaches Top 25 status, and now are adding another player to the rotation. Granted, he’s a 7-footer, but we’ll see.

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