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Apparently, picking on UW doesn’t provide enough of a challenge anymore

Posted by Jeff Nusser on December 12, 2007

Since news is going to be sparse with the Cougs’ next game still more than a week away, I thought I’d pass along a story that has nothing to do with basketball. Apparently, we’re demanding a high school in Texas cease using one of our old logos. See for yourself:


To be fair, the university is paying a logo company to protect its interests, so it isn’t like Elson Floyd is making personal phone calls to bully a little school in Abilene. But still, it seems a little heavy handed.

“We consulted with our attorneys in Austin and the bottom line is that they’ve got us,” Principal Gail Gregg said. “… We have to make a change. We can’t win this.”

I hope the university and its representatives are reasonable with this school. As a teacher, believe me when I tell you that $50,000 is a lot of money for a high school. I say let them come up with a new logo and mandate that new logos have to go on new uniforms and otherwise be phased out during normal maintenance procedures (such as resurfacing of the gym floor). That ought to keep the cost down far enough and spread it out over enough time that the impact will be minimal.

In the meantime, I’ll be cheering for the Cooper Cougars. After all, what Cougar doesn’t cheer for another?


4 Responses to “Apparently, picking on UW doesn’t provide enough of a challenge anymore”

  1. Diek said

    Wow! Great lookin high school helmets. It would be cool to see the Cougs whip out the throw-back uniforms for say the Idaho game next year. Probably not in the budget though…

  2. Nuss said

    I wanna know whatever happened to the awesome unis Russell Athletic busted out for like one game — you know, the ones that were supposed to be made of “revolutionary” material …

  3. MikeR said

    Actually, the Cougs’ uniforms in 2007 were made of the same material as those prototypes from the USC game in ’06. That was the plan all along — Russell wanted to make a splash with their new material (which is pretty great stuff), and apparently they figured the best way to do it was by designing the silliest uniforms imaginable.

  4. Nuss said

    I thought that was Oregon’s job?

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