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Bilas says we’re good! Yay!

Posted by Jeff Nusser on December 7, 2007

If you’re suffering through a little post-Gonzaga hangover, here’s the most interesting thing I could find today:

Jay Bilas thinks the Cougars are good.

This on the heels of his colleague Andy Katz positively gushing about the Cougs after witnessing one of the finest defensive performances you’ll ever see firsthand. However, Bilas just doesn’t understand the whole “disrespect” thing with the Cougars. After all, he notes, they’re ranked in the top 10.

“Where does Wazzu have to be ranked in order to believe that we actually watch the games and believe in their abilities? Heck, the Cougars were ranked when they were beating up on little guys, and now that they have beaten Baylor and Gonzaga back-to-back on the road, they are moving up. … We respect Washington State.”

Well, Jay, maybe it’s because we actually took a look at your ESPN Power 16 ballot from this week and saw this:

  1. North Carolina
  2. UCLA
  3. Memphis
  4. Kansas
  5. Texas
  6. Duke
  7. Georgetown
  8. Butler
  9. Washington State

So, let me get this straight. I understand the top 5 to a degree — and, by the way, note how he only has Texas ranked No. 5 after beating UCLA, the No. 2 team on his ballot — but you’ve got the Cougs ranked behind your alma mater (Duke), a team that has absolutely zero quality wins (Georgetown), and a mid-major team (Butler) that doesn’t have a win as good as the Gonzaga victory.

Gee, Jay, maybe that’s why we think you guys never give us any respect.


3 Responses to “Bilas says we’re good! Yay!”

  1. michelle said

    Bilas also was on a live chat and someone asked him a question about our game against the zags, with the guy saying ” obviously WSU is better than gonzaga…” and asked about how good the zags will be once they get their big guy back or something similar. Then Bilas responded by saying ” well, I don’t really think Wazzu is a whole lot better than Gonzaga” He gives us some credit in the rest of his response (mostly to Tony B. ) but still, I thought it was kind of shady. I don’t have insider on espn, i just happened to be on someone’s computer who did, otherwise I would link it.

  2. Longball said

    I think right now we are getting just as much respect as i am confortable with, perhaps even a little more. If we rock the house in Pac-10 play this year, then get a low seed in the tourney, i’ll join the disrespect chorus too, but in the meantime i’m happy with a high ranking and cautious media support (and us being talked about on ESPN, period.). I am not a fan of dealing out rankings based on what jersey a team wears, but there is some reason for giving a team like Duke that ranking, namely Coach K. He has proven over and over again that when he has the right personel they will be final 4 contenders. I also think that some of the reserved enthusiasm for the Cougs is the result of the kind of team we are. We are not the sexiest team on the block, and i am perfectly happy with that. As long as we play hard nosed, team basketbal we can expect to have to do a little more to earn high rankings and media praise. interestingly there is a poll on today asking whether we will build on last years success and accross the nation it appears college basketball fans most definately respect us.

  3. MikeR said

    Then Bilas responded by saying ” well, I don’t really think Wazzu is a whole lot better than Gonzaga”

    Isn’t that the truth, though? We’re better than Gonzaga, but it ain’t by much. And honestly, that’s fine with me. Gonzaga is a damn good team this year — one of the most talented they’ve ever had.

    We beat them at their place, but they were without Heytvelt. I’d say if we played them at Friel and they were at full strength, the final score would be similar to what we saw at K2.

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