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Visit from Cougs bringing out the best in Zag fans

Posted by Jeff Nusser on December 4, 2007

In advance of tomorrow’s big game against Gonzaga, a couple of interesting stories of note out of Spokane.

First, as if there was any doubt about just how much the Zags want this game, check out this report by KXLY on the GU students who have camped out for the past week — not for the right to be one of the 1,500 students in the 6,000-seat Kennel on Wednesday night (they already have tickets), but to get one of the best seats. Here’s a print story if you have trouble with video.

Think those spoiled weenies in Durham, N.C., are sleeping in standing water? Krzyzewskiville has nothing on these guys.

Additionally, here’s Jim Meehan’s game advance on the Spokesman-Review’s SportsLink blog. It’s virtually entirely from a Gonzaga perspective, including this awesome nugget from Micah Downs:

“I could see WSU becoming our arch rival. It kind of was UW in the past. We played them here, there, here, there and we were winning most of those games. WSU is the second best team in the State of Washington, in my opinion, right now. So they’re kind of our rival now.”

Keep talking like that, and it will be a rivalry. No doubt.

Here’s a more balanced preview of the game from the AP. I’ll have my own thoughts on the game tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Visit from Cougs bringing out the best in Zag fans”

  1. Longball said

    This is really exciting. I imagine this game having this kind of anticipation around it for years to come and that is great for both programs. Some serious tobacco row style mayhem. Lets hope the Cougs come out alive in the first half, cause K2 is going to be a zoo.

  2. Nuss said

    It’s kind of scary to think about what this team might do if it came out on fire out of the gate, isn’t it?

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