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Taylor Rochestie is a big man?

Posted by Jeff Nusser on November 29, 2007

I’m working on a post for later today that takes a look at where the Cougs stand heading into their two toughest non-conference matchups, but this will hopefully tide you over for a few hours.

The eternal lament of Coug fans everywhere is that our teams get no respect, even when they’re good. Name another team in the top 10 that has had only one game made available on television. Or, name another top 10 team that would participate in an interconference challenge and be shipped off to a road game against a middling team.

UNC got Ohio State. Duke got Wisconsin.

WSU gets Baylor.

On the road.

Anyway, if you feel like I do about this whole thing, consider this some comic relief for you on this Thursday morning as you wait with baited breath for an actual televised game tomorrow night. (That is, if you’re lucky enough to have ESPNU or live near a bar that does …)

Go about two minutes into this video with Fox Sports college basketball “expert” Kris Johnson. The piece itself is titled “Beyond the Arc: Wazzu for real?” His analysis starts with the standard “Derrick Low is real good, Kyle Weaver can do it all, blah blah blah.” Then he makes a couple of curious statements that will reinforce your belief that most of the national media has absolutely no clue what they’re talking about when it comes to our team — that they just regurgitate what they’ve read elsewhere over and over again.

Check it out.

So, let me get this straight:

  1. Taylor Rochestie — all 6-foot-1 and 186 pounds of him — is a big fella inside? Just look at that shot blocking intimidation above!
  2. The Cougs could earn a No. 2 seed as they did last year? For some reason, I thought it was a No. 3 seed.

Take my advice: When listening to TV people talk about the Cougs, listen to Andy Katz. Ignore everyone else.


21 Responses to “Taylor Rochestie is a big man?”

  1. Longball said

    Classic FSN – they are absolutely terrible at everything they do. Even my girlfriend, who is still a novice at the whole college sports fan thing, gets about 5 good laughs at their expense during every game they broadcast. I can handle the camcorder quality camera work, vanishing, or mis-placed 1st down lines, and other technical gaffes, but the clueless commentary is what sends me over the edge. Last season MArcus Johnson actually opened one of our games by talking about how we like to get up and down the court and light up the scoreboard. way to do your homework Marcus!

  2. Gabe DeMiero said

    Who the hell is that “analyst” I would like to add one more thing to your list, Nuss. The comment about Low being a “poor man’s Steve Nash?” Low couldn’t be any more different than Nash. He averages one assist per game. Low is a true 2 guard, a shooter. Rochestie (the big man) and Weaver are much more like Nash.

    I hate FSN. Brian Davis and Petros Papadakis are the two worst commentators on television.

  3. Nuss said

    In terms of offensive (scoring) style, I could see the comparison, but you’re right — Low’s days of being a playmaker on the order of Nash have been gone since the beginning of last year.

  4. Eric said


  5. Gabe DeMiero said

    Luckily, my dorm has satellite so we get ESPNU. I can post updates while I am watching it.

    “The eternal lament of Coug fans everywhere is that our teams get no respect, even when they’re good.”
    This couldn’t be more true. Did anyone else notice last year on CBS when Tony Bennett was given the Coach of the Year award, that they put that god-awful purple W logo next to his name on the bottom of the screen, rather than the Coug logo?

    what disrespect.

  6. Gabe DeMiero said

  7. james said

    Derrick Low is exactly that a poor man’s Steve Nash. He can’t shoot like Nash, he can’t pass like Nash, and he can’t handle like Nash. Hence the “poor man’s” reference. I watched the video and Johnson did call Rochestie a “big fella” lol..that is funny…Take it as disrespect if you will, but if I were a Wazzu fan, I would be elated that anyone is even talking about us, it is still of the worst college sports programs of all time.

  8. james said

    Oh and that “expert” Kris a former UCLA Bruin that hit a game-winner as time expired in Pullman back in 98′ wonder he dosen’t know anything about the!

  9. Nuss said

    See, this is how we know we’ve made it to the big time! We’ve been infiltrated by angry Pac-10 fans — probably a Husky — that just can’t bear the thought of their piddly little basketball programs being run over the awesomeness that is Washington State University.

    This is a proud moment indeed.

  10. james said

    Lol..and what exactly is awesome about Wazzu? you guys have an overrated, overacheiving, marginally talented squad that won’t make it past the second round of the, Weaver, and Rochestie have serious holes in their games and got exposed by a real team last week, the UCLA bruins..This is a cute little site you have to vent and bitch about the disrespect that your upstart program has gotten, but stay in reality fellas. You have not made it to the thankful you are relevant in the Pac-10 again.

  11. Nuss said

    We’ll see what happens when UCLA has to make a return trip to Pullman. That 3-point barrage at the end was no accident. And if you took the time to read my “cute little site,” you’d see that we do very little venting and bitching about respect. I just thought the video was funny, and was pointing out that there are very few writers or TV personalities on a national level that know very much about this team — although I think that’s changing. As we noted last week, the voters get props for recognizing how good UCLA is and how tough Pauley is and only dropping WSU to No. 8.

    If you want to engage in a real conversation about college basketball, then bring something more to the table than three All-Pac-10 guards having “serious holes in their games.” You can do better. At least I hope you can.

  12. james said

    I am engaging in real conversation and reality is that Wazzu plays a weak non-conference schedule to pad their stats and win totals, does decent in conference and then flames out early in the tournament because of they don’t have the talent to compete in tournament situations. Low is too slow, and if he’s not hitting the jumper is relatively useless on the court..Weaver is an overrated defender, and couldn’t buy a jumper if his life depended on it..Rochestie’s handle and playmaking are marginal, and can be locked down by a taller, longer, quicker guard any day of the week. Baynes is a big plodding fatso with no post game, a poor man’s Steve Scheffler if you will..let’s see who else..Cowgil? Oh yeah Cowgil is decent, a poor man’s Lared Prichet..The only thing you got going for your program is a great coach with solid pedigree..Until you get some players, just shut up and thank the good Lord Wazzu is relevant again. Seriously..There is nothing more to bring. Pullman sucks as a town, there are nothing but apple farmers out there, and that area of the country is notoriously racist. So what is so wonderful about Wazzu again? Great educational institution? Nah. Cute girls? Nah, Wazzu is at the bottom of the barrel with Stanford in the Pac-10..let’s see..nice athletic facilities? nah..pretty much on par with Hawaii football..hmmm, what exactly is your purpose again? Is this site a recruiting tool? Oh yeah, its for that huge fan base that the cougs have!!

  13. Nuss said

    I’m not sure which is funnier: Your inability to use paragraphs or your stunning lack of knowledge. Maybe I will have made up my mind by the time I finish poking holes in your asinine arguments.

    — If you call losing in double OT in the second round of the NCAA Tournament “flaming out,” then I guess you’re right. But I think being seconds away from the Sweet 16 isn’t exactly flaming out.
    — Derrick Low is so slow that he torched Oregon for 27 yesterday. Contrary to what you might think, they were not all scored on 3s. In fact, only 12 were scored on 3s. The rest were on — GASP! — dribble drives and accompanying free throw shots.
    — Weaver is such an overrated defender that he more or less shuts down every player he guards. Matt Bouldin scored zero on him, OJ Mayo had 22 but had to take 19 shots to do it, and Bryce Taylor had just seven points yesterday, 6.5 points below his average. Oh, and I guess you missed those two 3s he buried yesterday, too, making him a 40 percent 3-point shooter this year. Yeah, he’s really terrible.
    — I dare you to call Aron Baynes a plodding fatso to his face. Oh, and I think it’s a compliment to be compared to Steve Scheffler — he was the Big Ten player of the year at Purdue before his seven-year NBA career that made him more money than you or I will ever even sniff in our lifetimes.
    — They don’t grow apples out there. They grow apples where I live — Wenatchee — which is nowhere near Pullman. They grow lentils on the Palouse. Duh!

    OK, I made up my mind. It’s the ineptitude of your arguments.

  14. Gabe DeMiero said

    Weaver is the best defender in the country…we grow wheat and lentils…etc.etc. Nuss, you covered it all. Hey James, have you ever been to Pullman?

    Knowing that these core of seniors were not highly regarded out of high school, yet came to Wazzu, endured the trials and tribulations of their first two years, and have come out higher than ever imagined is why I LOVE THIS TEAM. I will almost be sad WHEN WE DO get big time recruits. It is the scrappy underrated nature of Wazzu teams that make me love them so much when we do succeed, and even when we are mediocre.

    Stick it man

  15. Ivan said

    Lol..what are you guys talking about..Steve Scheffler..hahahahha!! that’s pretty accurate, Baynes is a big stiff that will never play anywhere..What happned last night to the best defender in the country? Couldn’t guard his shadow..hahaha..Low is Slow, and they all got exposed by a marginal Arizona team that ran them into the ground..Seconds away from a Sweet 16?? about an inept argument, that was weak..not “seconds away from the Final Four or the championship” you lost in the round of 32? Hahahaha..your right, the argument is over anybody is suppossed to know that..Man, James crushed you are true lames on in Washington

  16. Jo~Jo said

    Truly, ignorance annoys me more than anything else.

    I will say this, if any of you haters out there think that those of us participating in this blog, need to get a life, consider this; I don’t spend my time parousing Univesity of Washington, or University of Oregon, or any other school’s blogs sites with my spare time, just to get a rise out of them.

    A couple more points to support Nuss’ arguments; if Eastern Washington is “notoriously racist,” it’s the first I’ve heard of it. Correct be if I’m wrong but I believe the WSU Basketball program had two black coaches in it’s history before the harmoniously sound, melting pot instition of Seattle (that being UW) had any. No, North Idaho is where the Arians live, not Eastern Washington.

    And, comming from someone who spent a lot of time working in the A.D. at WSU, the point that our facilities are “on par with Hawaii football” are humoruous at best. The athletic facilities at WSU have been compared to that of the University of Nebraska, and the University of Texas (which I have personally been to, and can atest too). And up until the indoor practice facility at the University of Washington was built, WSU’s facilities where considered better than that of Montlake’s as well. WSU’s athletic facilities are better than those as the University of Arizona, USC, Cal & Stanford, and Oregons State’s (again, I’ve participated at athletic events at all of these school’s. I doubt you, James, have even been there).

    Sure, the University of Oregon has us beat in terms of facilities, but I think that is actually to our benefit. I think we’ve seen what happens to the egos of players that come from that school and their NIKE based athletic department. Mr. Everything Joey Harrington has obviously panned out well in the NFL. Oh, I can already hear your rebutle. “What about Ryan Leaf?” Well, at least Ryan got out of the game when he realized he was bust. Figure it out Joey. And how about Igor Olshansky? That guy obviously has no grip on reality.

    Listen James, Ivan, and any other wannabe parade-rainers; The author of this blog has more knowledge of College Basketball, the Pac-10, and Cougar Athletics than you will ever have in your combined lives. Go home, play patty-cake with yourselves, and just watch at how the Pac-10 season pans out. I’m sure that we’ll see the Cougs, and UCLA at the top, and the rest of you can sit at home, suck your thumbs and wonder how you got beat by a school as inferior as Washington State Universtiy.

  17. james said

    [Comment deleted for profanity and for failing to bring anything of substance to the conversation]

  18. james said

    Gabe, Kyle Weaver is not the best defender in the country, I’m sorry to break the news to you. Next thing you’ll be telling me is that Rochestie is the best playmaker, and Low is the best poor man’s Ryan Appleby in the nation. To answer your question, yes I’ve been to Pullman on numerous occassions and it sucks ass. You may not know or understand how much ass it sucks because you may have grwon up there, but trust meit sucks..I thought I was in that movie ‘Children of the Corn’ with all the wierdness up there. It has a Jim Jones Jamestown -like quality about it, that made my skin crawl. I can appreciate the bond that you as fans have with these core groupof players. They all came in underrated, from different corners of the nation, and they’ve all worked hard ontheir game and maxed out their potential. Unfortunately, their plateau isn’t as high as the elite ballplayers, but it’s not their fault. They are as good as they will get. It’s that small town mentality, you squares should understand that. The Wazzu 3 will never make it in the NBA. Maybe Weaver as a free-agent after a few years in Europe, he could be a Bruce Bowen type if he learns the game. But your beloved saviors Low, Baynes, and Rochestie? They will respectfully be playing in Iceland, Australia, and Luxemburg this when they finish college. And that’s okay, they got an education, they get to travel the world, get to put a little change in their pockets..they and you all should be proud of the kids..But they are not elite ballers or an elite team and that is my argument. So stop with the ” we get no respect” bitching..and ” I can’t believe he called Rochestie a big man” jabs at people…nobody cares about Wazzu, and your team is proving everybody right with the way they’ve been stinking it up lately.

  19. Nuss said

    I deleted the comment above because of the reasons stated. I’m all about the free speech, but let’s keep it civil and limit the scope of the conversation to basketball issues.

    If anyone needs a reminder of the mission of the site, see the upper left corner of every page.

  20. Jo-Jo said

    [deleted because it, too, is inflammatory and counterproductive]

  21. james said

    [children, can we stop being petty?]

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