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WSU HOOPS joins BlogPoll Top 25

Posted by Jeff Nusser on November 20, 2007

Both national polls came out yesterday, and the Cougs are holding steady at No. 9 in each.

But those aren’t the polls you should care about. What you really should be paying attention to is the BlogPoll Top 25, voted on weekly by 15 different bloggers from around the country, including yours truly! Some blog on specific teams, others on college hoops in general.

You’ll now find each week’s BlogPoll on the right-hand side of the page where the AP Top 25 used to be. (I figure you can find the AP poll lots of places, but something as special as the BlogPoll? Well, you’ve gotta go to the best blogs to get it.) I’ll also post my ballot here each week for your perusal and debate.

One thing to note with my poll votes: I don’t vote like your typical AP or coach voter. They do what I call slotting — win you move up, lose you move down, regardless of how you looked or how you’re actually playing. I rank teams based off of who I think is the better team at that time. A prime example right now is UCLA or Stanford — teams missing key players who probably would be ranked higher, but are ranked lower by me because those missing players make the team worse. Ultimately, a team should be able to beat every team below it that week.

Is it fair? I think so. I think it’s more fair than keeping a team in a slot it doesn’t deserve simply because it hasn’t lost.

So, without further ado, here is my ballot for this week. Keep in mind, I voted yesterday afternoon:

Note — If the graphic is wider than your screen, you can click on it for the full view.

Top 25 11-20


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