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Archive for November 18th, 2007

Cougs predictably destroy Idaho

Posted by Jeff Nusser on November 18, 2007

Just got back from screaming my face off as the Seahawks beat up on the Bears, so consider this a belated postgame wrap of the domination of Idaho.

I said in the game thread post that the Vandals might be in for a long night against the Cougs, and the game pretty much went true to form. The Cougs held Idaho to just 35 percent shooting while shooting 51 percent themselves — a nice turnaround from the admittedly poor defensive performance against Boise State.

The thing that stuck out to me? WSU shot 23 of 27 from the free throw line, on the heels of shooting 23 of 33 from the stripe against Boise State. That’s 60 trips the last two games — an awesome indicator that while this team never will be afraid to shoot the 3, the Cougs are not settling for poor shots. They won’t go to the line that much against some of the more athletically gifted teams in the Pac-10, but it’s great now.

Anyway, enough from me, the guy who couldn’t find the game on the radio while driving over the pass Friday night. How about some reporting from someone who actually was at the game? Here are some thoughts from Zzu Crew embedded reporter Gabe DeMiero, who agreed to be our eyes since the game wasn’t on TV. Despite the impressive score, he saw some things for WSU to work on:

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