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AROUND THE ‘NET: Cougs get some love from the national media

Posted by Jeff Nusser on November 10, 2007

After games, we’ll work to post links to each of the game stories from the local papers. We’ll also try to pass along any extra coverage we find, including that from the national media.

So, for your reading pleasure, we’ve got a couple of national hoops writers checking in from the Palouse.

First, Andy Katz of — the best college basketball writer around, in my estimation — says the Cougars’ remarkable turnaround in the last five years doesn’t get enough recognition. Katz knows what he’s talking about on this one, as he was one of the first to recognize what the Cougars were doing last year and was on that story throughout the tournament. We’ll know we can always count on Katz to give us some love.

Meanwhile, one of the biggest WSU doubters from last year,’s Seth Davis, checks in with this piece from Pullman. I generally regard Davis as a bit of an East Coast blowhard* who gets off more on being chummy with players and coaches than actually being knowledgeable about what’s going on on the floor — check out the intro to the story for a great example — but this is a solid piece. Sounds like he’s still not sold on the Cougs as a Top 10 team, still clinging to the “they don’t have a lot of talent, but boy they sure work hard and play well together” theme of the national media:

“As I watched Washington State throttle Lewis-Clark State in an exhibition game by 38 points Sunday afternoon, it occurred to me this team does not have a single sure-fire NBA player on the roster. … If ever there was an example of a team’s whole being greater than the sum of its parts, this is it. I’d be shocked if Washington State didn’t go back to the NCAA tournament, but I would be a little surprised if they made a real deep run once they got there.”

I’d bet my next month’s wages that both Low and Weaver will be on NBA rosters at this time next year, but that’s just me, I guess. Or maybe the fact that they both made the Pan-Am games roster ahead of preseason All-Americans should tell us something.

And here are the gamers from this morning: The Seattle Times, The News Tribune, and Seattle P-I. We’d link to The Spokesman-Review’s stories, but they’ve made their site accessible only to print subscribers, unless you click the links through their SportsLink blog. Feel free to go there if you like, and there’s some good stuff there daily. But in the age of free flowing information — and when all your competitors are giving away content for free — I find it highly annoying.

* I know Davis lives in L.A., but he’s really an East Coast guy — born in Connecticut, grew up in Maryland, went to Duke, cut his chops at East Coast papers … you get the picture.


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